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NEW YORK, NY – In a surprising move, longtime righteous hip-hop act, Brand Nubian, has taken a second look at the message being sent to their audience. Arista, the group’s label, issued a press release earlier this week saying that the group plans to take a new direction with their as-of-yet untitled fifth release, due out in 2001. The press release stated that the group’s new style will focus more on “repetitive sing-songy hooks like Country Grammer” and “familiar, radio friendly samples” such as ‘Heartbeat’, ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’ and ‘Genius Of Love’. The change of pace came along with the success of their 1997 genre-bending, monster hit, “Let’s Dance”, featuring Busta Rhymes. The success of “Let’s Dance”, propelled Brand Nubian into the stratosphere of popular music and culture, and longtime fans couldn’t get enough of the song.

“It was a breakthrough smash. We realized that sometimes you have to make songs that don’t scream, you know, ‘hey you fuckin’ white devils, we hate you,’ and ‘Let’s Dance’ was one of those songs. It skyrocketed us right to the top of the charts,” said Lord Jamar.

“‘Punks Jump Up’ and ‘Slow Down’ were cool and all, but I’m really feeling Mase’s album right now. I think that’s the direction we need to take the next release,” said Sadat X.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, study your Mathematics, don’t eat pork – blah, blah, blah. I came here to dance tonight, and that’s what I’m going to do. Let’s get our goddamn priorities straight. Wake up!” said Grand Puba during a recent interview at The Shark Bar.

The new album starts production in January.

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