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LOUISVILLE, KT – It was a big day at Louisville’s Garden Square Mall on Saturday. Literally thousands of teenage girls rushed to see the newest heartthrob in entertainment, Jeru The Damaja.

Jeru arrived at the mall at 12 P.M. and his performance was held inside Contempo, which was filled beyond capacity with many of his young female fans. According to Garden Square Mall Security, they had to close both entrences to the mall after over 1000 fans had mobbed the scene. “It was a riot. I had never seen anything like it,” said security guard, Bob Hickman. “Some of these kids were so excited at seeing him that they fainted. We had to call an ambulance about three different times during the show,” he added.

14 year old Sharon Bender, who claims to be “Jeru’s biggest fan” passed out during the performance, and was taken to the hospital for immediate medical care. She woke up late Saturday night and had this to say:

“I can’t believe I fainted! But when he played “My Mind Spray”, like, ohmigod, I just lost it.”

After his performance, Jeru signed autographs for a mob of fans, and even took pictures with several others. “I took a picture with Jeru, and got to give him a special story I wrote him, called “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.” I hope he reads it!” said 12 year old fan, Sherry Wasco. What is it about Jeru that these young girls like?

“He is SOOO Fine!” said 14 year old, Beth Rachtman.

“He’s not the average nigga” said 11 year old, Nancy Gladstien.

“I like the way he chews his gum!” said 12 year old, Mary Wallace.

Nicole Hiemann, 13 year old president of the Jeru The Damaja Fan Club, and Geocities “Jeru Mania!” website, had this to say:

“I think he is a really good role model, and I like the songs he sings. I want to marry him. If not him, A.J. from Backstreet Boys. But I really love Jeru!”

And the fun doesn’t stop there either. The Garden Square Mall expects an even bigger turnout for the Dilated Peoples appearance at Bath and Body Works in January.

This was the thirteenth stop on Jeru’s nationwide tour, which will continue across the bible belt and midwest. Fans can also check for Jeru on this week’s episode of “Blossom”, in which Jeru plays her new love interest, as well as on the front covers of Tiger Beat and Bop magazines.

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