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1 January, 1999@12:00 am

 “People be putting out like one single a year on vinyl. That shit ain’t tight; I don’t care what your name is.” That’s The Grouch, and he’s Making Perfect Sense with his latest solo album.. or is he?

If you’re familiar with the Living Legends and the Mystik Journeymen, you already know his repertoire. The Grouch has a successful following in underground rap circles; and he carefully cultivates that beneath the surface rap audience. Record for a major label? Make a pop record? “Wait I drop heavy shit, always ever-ready with the verse to kick in any situation, admit you taste the delicacy – man there’s no way else to call it.” Nah, The Grouch is obviously not on that commercial shit, even if on songs the previously quoted “Every Day Is Saturday” he’s willing to quote from the hip-hop and pop lexicon.

The Grouch stands out from the crowd though both musically (his album is almost entirely self-produced) and lyrically. Many indie rappers are automatically suspect – full of their own egos for saying “fuck the establishment” while making wack records that even the Madd Rapper himself, could shit on. The Grouch on the other hand is a student of his craft and his own psyche. On tracks like “Trust Yourself” with PSC and “Grown Up” he’s serious about being true to self and putting his “brain on beats.”

The critics are already standing at the end of the alley with a bowling ball to knock down his ten pins – it ain’t hard, it ain’t that ghetto shit, he’s some nerdy rapper. In his own words, “call him hypocrite, because my lips can spit truth.” The Grouch refuses to play the role. He’s real, and that’s what makes him funky. That’s why you’ll enjoy the groove AND the lyrics on songs like “Strange Body”, “Simple Man”, and the humorous “Zip It” (also featuring PSC and Murs). He may have an angry name but his own liner notes say it all: “to hell with all negative energy”. The Grouch’s vibes make perfect sense.

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