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8 November, 2000@12:00 am

Rapper To Include 74 Honda Scooters and Solid Gold Bone In 10-Day Auction

Brooklyn, NY – Rapper Special Ed announced earlier this week that he would be putting up several of his most valuable possessions up for auction on E-Bay, come early December. Accumulated throughout his career in rap music, Ed said that he felt is was time to part with many of the items that he bought early on.

“I was young, and while I had plenty of rhymes that could pay for all of this stuff, I spent money like it was nothing. Looking back, I really don’t feel that I need all twenty of these ’89 Voltzwagon Jettas, in every color,” confessed Ed. “I think I may get rid of these 74 Honda Scooters as well. Nobody in the ‘Bush really rides a scooter these days.”

Ed also is putting up several other items, including his pet frog. Unfortunately, Ed’s dog died earlier this year, but he will be putting the dog’s solid gold bone up for auction, starting at $1000, with no reserve.

“It’s what Sparky would have wanted,” said Ed in a solemn tone.

Perhaps Ed’s most valuable assets include a stretch of land in the sand of the West Indies, and also an island of his very own. Along with his assorted collection of boutiques throughout France and the USA, Ed said that he expects to get several million dollars for these properties and positive feedback.

It is still unclear if Ed will be putting up his hovercraft for auction, as he could not be reached to comment, because his waiter made potato-alligator souffle.

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1 Responses to "Special Ed To Hold Massive E-Bay Sale Of Prized Possessions"
  • S.Boogie says:

    This was one of the best Pizzo….glad to see you have the oldies on the site still!

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