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9 September, 2002@12:00 am

LIMBO – After being vanquished to the fiery depths of limbo by the god Rakim in the “Guess Who’s Back” video, the demon incarnate, Halphas Dux made a statement on Saturday swearing his revenge. The statement, which appeared as an astral projection with scary booing noises, was as follows:

“FOOLISH INFIDELS BEHOLD! You haven’t seen the last of me Rakim, as my prison of solitude in Limbo comes closer to an end. Soon I shall have my revenge on you and your blind followers!”

Rakim’s reply to Halphas’ was brief and to the point.

“When you see me come up, freeze, or you’ll be one of those seven MC’s.”

While Rakim doesn’t fear Halphas’ revenge, unfortunately Dr. Dre does.

“Halphas took a disliking to me, so the fact that Rakim is now on my label doesn’t help the situation at all,” said Dre. “He put a curse on me that keeps me from finishing projects, which explains why the albums I recorded with King Tee, Knocturnal, Hittman, Last Emperor, N.W.A., and Eve have never came out. I think the same thing is happening here with Rakim, unfortunately.”

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