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LONG ISLAND, NY – Family members of former Public Enemy spokeswoman Sistah Souljah came forth on Saturday admitting they are “sick and tired” of being woken up each day by Sistah Souljah’s patented “We are at war” mantra.

“When we first got married, everything was okay, but when we’d get in fights, that’s when things got bad,” said her husband. “We get going back and forth, arguing, and then, I’d try to say something, and before I could even get a word out, here it comes… WE ARE AT WAR!, blah, blah, blah.”

“It’s especially been bad lately, with the war and all,” said her 15-year-old son Christopher. “Like even on Saturdays, I’m trying to sleep in, and she storms in my bedroom screaming ‘Wake up! WE ARE AT WAR!’, and throws my blanket and pillow on the floor.”

“I got a bad grade in my reading class,” said her six year old daughter, Shelia. “When I brought my report card to Mommy, she got mad at me and told me I needed to do better at school because we are at war. I cried.”

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