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NEW YORK, NY – XXL press agents announced this week that they have uncovered “strong and very damaging evidence” that international rap sensation, Benzino, is actually wack, and not the dope rapper he claims to be.

The magazine is rumored to have uncovered a recent recording from Benzino, which not only proves that he is wack, but also proves that he sucks. “This recording is substantial proof that Benzino is in fact a wack emcee, just as we speculated,” said XXL editor Elliot Wilson. “It’s time we as hip-hoppers stood up against wack shit, and I think one listen to this recording and people will definitely understand the level of wackness that is Benzino.”

XXL will play the recording at the forthcoming press conference, however will not include a copy of the recording with the issue in fear of losing readership.

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3 Responses to "XXL Magazine Press Conference To Feature Benzino Recording That Proves He's Wack."
  • dank says:

    that shit is hilarious

  • Cuso says:

    Um don’t all his recordings prove he is wack? What is so different about this one.

  • Smooth says:

    Man, so glad to see these old articles resurface. I remember reading this one back when it was first published in ’03.

    It’s great to see HipHopSite refocus on what initially drew so many of us in 10+ years ago.

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