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6 March, 2007@12:00 am

    Black Milk is an emcee/producer who comes from the school of Detroit producers and class of J Dilla. While the comparisons can be lofty, they can also be flattering for an up and coming artist. Black Milk can hold onto the fact that the Dilla associations are expected. But considering how solid his new LP, Popular Demand, plays out, those that choose to indulge in the talents of Black Milk will be more than surprised at how good this Detroit artist can and will be.

   After lacing Slum Village on their latest outing (with the help of Young RJ), Black Milk will be noted first for his production skills. Popular Demand continues the buzz he created with a plethora of outstanding production filled throughout the album.  Joints like the adrenaline rush of “Sound The Alarm” features Guilty Simpson and Black Milk trading lines amongst a head banger of a back drop. The crack-a-lack of finger snaps and drums on “Watch Em” continues to display Milk’s knack for crafting a hot beat while Fat Ray and QD help out on the vocal side of things. But Milk peaks when the crashing symbols accompany Black Milk and Slum Village (that means SV plus Baatin….dooooope) on the powerful “Action”. Of course Elzhi takes the cake with yet another show stealing verse, but it’s so damn good to hear Baatin rocking with his old fam again.

    While the spotlight is all over Black Milk’s behind the board prowess, it’s safe to say that the kid can rock a microphone too. His flow is spotless on the album as he puts in work on joints like the title track, “Popular Demand”. In between the sparse drums and harmonious vocal chops, Milk rolls over the beat methodically and lends a ton of personality to a beat that is good enough for just an instrumental. 

     Aside from some so-so guest appearances and the fact that Black Milk doesn’t have a ton of depth lyrically, Popular Demand is an album that’s definitely worth a listen and a recommendation. If you go in expecting nothing (as is the case with Hip-Hop lately) you’re in for a helluva surprise with Popular Demand. Hopefully, Black Milk sticks around to build up his own Detroit legacy.

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