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18 February, 2010@10:10 pm

Remember that rumor that spread like a bad S.T.D. last year? You know, the monologues about Lady Gaga actually being “Sir” Gaga? Or even stranger, that she born with both sets of tools? Well, her appearance at the Brit Awards the other night will put those rumors to rest, as she has finally produced a birth canal. Her see-through outfit gave the paparazzi the perfect angle to snatch photos of her womanly parts, with no evidence of a ding-a-ling in sight. So unless she went through some expensive surgery in the last month or so, Lady Gaga is a woman. Period.

You’re gonna have to scroll a little if you want to see the up close shot. If not, step away from the computer, slowly back out of the room, and contact an adult.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, there you have it. Now we can all get back to our regular lives.

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7 Responses to "Lady Gaga Has A Vajayjay (NSFW)"
  • Dane Johnson says:

    She’s hotter as a brunette.

  • Machiventa says:

    lol, funny ass post pizzo

  • Lady Gaga is hot, hot, hot! She has such an incredible body. All her haters are just jealous!

  • PBS says:

    Ok, so that’s one pic with balls and one pic with puss. We need a tie-breaker. Till then, the debate remains unsettled.

  • Darell says:

    She’s accidently flashed her vajayjay a couple times, so there’s no reason to still think that.

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