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So, Ras Kass is currently working on a new “untitled” project that will have “18 or 20″ tracks, and will also feature “guest appearances” and “top notch features and production”. The project will be limited edition, with 1000 CD’s pressed, and 500 pieces of vinyl and will ship “late Spring”.

The cost? $3800. Well, not so – actually the cost of pressing the vinyl and CD’s is $3800, so that is the goal for Ras and company to meet for the pressing of this album. They hope to exceed the goal obviously, so Ras can pocket some of the change.

Pledging $1000 or more towards the project will net you the following:

1) an Ultra Limited Edition set of lyrics to “NATURE OF THE THREAT” Hand-Written by Ras Kass
2) the SIGNED CD and Vinyl of the project
3) 2 Limited Edition clothing items (Save the Ras Kass and Alias Society t-shirts),
4) a phone call from Ras Kass (ask him whatever you want!),
5) a “SPECIAL PRODUCER” credit on the project
6) a shout out of your name on the project
7) free entrance to any Ras Kass performance within the next year.

Yes, the music industry is in horrible shape right now.

But apparently this strategy has worked well in the past with Ras’s Quartely project, so more power to him. However, for a project shrouded in such mystery, a little more detail would be nice if we’re gonna put them dollars up. Otherwise we will just throw them around in the club.

For more information, visit Kickstarter.

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0 Responses to "Ras Kass Is Asking For An Advance For His Album. From His Fans."
  • Marlie Bell says:

    This is beyond pathetic.

    This guy has been dropped by every label on earth, has soundscanned less and less on every release since the 90′s and is now begging people for a measely $3k? You can’t even pony up that much cash at this point in your career?

    Time to hang it up buddy. This is a BAD look.

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