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19 February, 2010@8:31 pm

HHS: You fit the very definition of longevity in hip hop. You’ve been doing it, whether it be with Brand Nubian or on your solo material – you stay busy. What keeps you going after all these years?

Sadat X: What really keeps me going is the love for it man. I still love hip hop man and I love doing music and I love to perform. That’s what basically keeps me going.

HHS: Do you enjoy the challenge of guest appearing on other artists songs? You do a lot of guest spots.

Sadat X: I definitely do man, you know, I like that man. And it keeps my name out there and gives me the chance to always be upgrading my skills.

HHS: I love some of the tracks you’ve done in the past with people like DJ Honda, with Everlast, of course with Tribe, with Frankie Cutlass, with R.A. The Rugged Man…do you have a favorite memory of working with some one in the studio?

Sadat X: My most favorite memory would probably just be working with B.I.G., you know what I’m sayin’, just because we sat down and wrote it back to back. We smoked, we drank, and we just had a good time that day.

HHS: Hip hop really jumped into action when the tragedy struck in Haiti. How did it make you feel to see all the artists organizing events and performing for charity?

Sadat X: It’s good man, I mean, it was needed. Those people in Haiti, they’re in bad shape and they need some help, you know? It’s unfortunate that that happened but we gotta try and get them some help. It’s the right thing to do.

HHS: Let’s talk about Wild Cowboys II. How long has it been in the works?

Sadat X: Well, it’s been in the works for a while, it just took me a minute to find the time to actually do it, you know? I found the time and just wanted to continue off of the original Wild Cowboys. Every time I was doing shows or going to places, people were always asking me about it. So I said, you know, it would be the natural progression into another one.

HHS: You’re working with a lot of people, in terms of producers, on the album. (Pete Rock, Diamond D, Nick Wiz, DJ Spinna, Buckwild, 9th Wonder…) One that stands out to me is that you’re working with Sir Jinx on the album. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Sadat X: Oh yeah…well, I’ve known Sir Jinx for a long time and we’ve always expressed thoughts of getting up with each other and the situation arose and he blessed me.

HHS: And that track features Kurupt and M-1 from dead prez on there too?

Sadat X: Yup, Kurupt, M1 and Umi from dead prez as well.

HHS: Wow, can’t wait to check that.

Sadat X: No doubt.

HHS: Is there anyone you haven’t worked with, in terms of an emcee or a producer, that you’d like to work with?

Sadat X: Actually, you know, maybe I could do something with Swizz Beats. I’d like to work with him and his genre and his audience and his line of work. I’d also like to definitely, before it’s all over, like to work with either Rae, Ghost or The GZA.

HHS: The digital/vinyl EP is out on the 23rd of this month and Wild Cowboys II is out on March 23rd, correct?

Sadat X: Definitely. February 23rd, we’re gonna drop the EP and then we’ll drop the album a month later.

HHS: Nice. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been like Sadat is gonna come with it…

Sadat X: Definitely man, I had to come off on Wild Cowboys, the first album, and I couldn’t come any lesser than I came on that album. So, you know, I was working and I got a couple features people weren’t expecting. I got a song with Ill Bill that was produced by 9th Wonder and that’s gonna be a treat. I got Rhymefest and Money Boss Players and Brand Nubian, so it should be good.

HHS: Looking to the future, will Brand Nubian plan to release another album?

Sadat X: We definitely plan on doing it. We’ve been doing shows and we just did a show with Poor Righteous Teachers and Rakim, so that was a good thing…and we’ve been doing shows. We’re in the studio now tryin’ to get that done. We’re just trying to keep that good music coming.

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2 Responses to "Sadat X: Back In The Saddle (Interview)"
  • Machiventa says:

    dope interview guys. Dat is one of the greats in my book and look forward to anything he touches. new album should be good. actually that album Generation X was dope IMO, very underrated and slept on…. he was havin fun on that one.

  • is there a wild west theme to this album? also where is Courtland Cartel? they were on the cover of the first album and everything (not credited on the photos inside)…the artwork I saw on this new album features the same pic w/ Sadat, Alamo, Mark Da Spark, Shawn Black, Kool Chuck & Teck…so what’s up? anywyas looking forward to this album and the Trinity album w/ A.G….still diggin’ y’all!!

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