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Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff speaks on visiting his uncle, and Superpro Douchebag Solar’s actions to prevent this from happening. Solar and his wife pretending to be Guru’s brother and sister? It gets even worse….

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4 Responses to "Solar Claims To Be Guru's Brother On Hospital Records, Says Guru's Nephew In New Statement"
  • Greg Rodgers says:

    That is too real….

    Take it from his Nephew and pray for this brother.

    Also pray that the powers that be do something about that scanlous bitchass nigga that hovers over Big Guru like a vulture ready to pounce.

    Stay strong Justin….

  • Mo Mo says:

    This kid is bullshit, dang. He is not a doctor, does not have access to medical records or info, yet ‘know’s’ Guru is in a coma, because it LOOKS like he is in a coma and has tubes hooked up? Wow, that is brilliant! Clearly we have no need for medical schools anymore.

    On top of that, he has decided for himself and apparently Guru that the sure-fire cure to his condition is to have his mind ‘stimulated’ by visits from people from his past who he apparently does not want to see.

    This kid is a pretty decent dramatical writer, and is doing a good job to try and get himself famous at his uncle’s expense. Stay tuned form his new website and probably S-hit single.

  • A/DC/B says:

    Mo Mo, skepticism is good but you SOund Like someone with A stRong stake in this situation, plus your response to both these posts of Justin’s videos is disproportionate. Those last two sentences from you are completely tasteless, chill.

  • Mo Mo says:

    I think this kid is tasteless himself, for choosing public viral video to air his side of a family conflict. It is really no one’s business and only causes trouble. It is private business, have some class and keep it private. If he really really cares about his uncle wouldn’t he want to avoid making a public mess around him when he is down? It is absolutely ridiculous to think that putting public video up would change a legal situation, that is a joke, so there is no real practical reason to do this other than personal gain for the kid.

    IF Solar is on the health proxy that is a legal thing and is generally authorized by the patient themselves, so respect it.

    I have no stake in any of this except respect for Guru.

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