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Solar called into Hot 97 in regards to Guru’s medical situation this morning, offering little insight into what is going on with the Gang Starr legend. Hosts Peter Rosenberg and Cypha Sounds had him in the hot seat, discussing the situation at length, and touching upon the inconsistencies with statements recently made by Solar and allegedly made by Guru himself. Answers were long winded, but short on actual detail.

At the end of the interview, Rosenberg suggested that it doesn’t add up that updates were coming from Guru’s official Twitter, apparently “tweeted” by Guru himself, but looked as if they we’re copy and pasted from Solar’s Twitter, as we reported here last week. This section of the interview was edited on the actual broadcast, but the full answer begins at the 4:20 mark in the second UStream clip above.

Peter Rosenberg: I will say I found it odd when I saw a Tweet from Guru last week that all answers should go through you….

Solar: Well, there’s a million Twitters out there and I am not going to sit here and try to account for every Twitter and everything that’s out there….

Peter Rosenberg: But this was on his official Twitter.. On Guru’s official Twitter though….

Solar: …Guru appreciates all the love and outpouring from all the fans around the world that Twitter me and again we look forward to the time when Guru can speak directly…

Cipha Sounds: We got that… We definitely got that part, that part we got. But what he’s saying is, from Guru’s official Twitter, there was a Tweet sent out…

Solar: Like I said before, I seen a million Twitters that are official, unofficial….

Peter Rosenberg: But it said the same thing that was on your official Twitter…

Solar: ….I’m not at the point where I’m going to speak to Twitters right now. I can’t do it.

Cipha Sounds: Solar man…. This whole situation feels a little fishy, and we have a lot of information that we gotta get out and we are hoping that you can help us with that information, but…

Solar: …and I would love to do so, and I think what I’ve said I’ve explained to you and such, but I don’t want to be in a position where I’m standing here speaking to Twitters. It doesn’t make sense and Twitter is wide open and anybody can…

Cipha Sounds: I know but, what Rosenberg is saying….

Solar: [continues, uninterrupted] ….about Guru about everything else and…

Cipha Sounds: Okay, listen though, what he’s saying is that what doesn’t make sense is…

Solar: [continues, uninterrupted] …speak to every Twitter with every release or announcement (scoffs)….

Cipha Sounds: He’s saying that exact Twitter on your page is on Guru’s page verbatim, like you copy and pasted it…

Peter Rosenberg: … And these are official pages, this isn’t random things, this is the Solar 7 Grand and Guru 7 Grand official Twitter pages. What I’m saying is, I’m trying to understand how could it be that Guru was awake and able to comment when it doesn’t seem that we’ve ever had any information that he’s ever been awake…

Solar: Any thing that you’ve seen on my Twitter page is from me accurately, like I said but there’s a million Twitter pages, that’s exactly my point. People have been asking me about things that I’ve said now and things Guru’s said for I don’t know how long… I can’t really… there’s so many things going on with Twitter, it’s all unregulated…

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0 Responses to "Solar Speaks To Hot 97, Doesn't Answer Questions (Unedited Interview)"
  • Greg Rodgers says:


    Solar is a shady dude. Can’t answer a question. Does not add anything new. Why call the station? Why waste time?

    Dude is gonna get his. I’m telling you. If Big Guru wakes up and speaks and says, “Naw Son..I never told this fools to tell premo, biggest gord, shug and all them cats to stay away…” Then Solar is gonna get hurt up from his skirt up. Nahmean?

    If it is like that then Guru is just as Shady as solar. How you gonna cut off your brothers from 25 – 30yrs for some wack dude who makes wack music who has been around for 6yrs?

    Maybe Guru is losing his mind….only time will tell.

  • Julio says:

    In the words of the immortal Rick James, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug…” and Solar is poontang.

  • Tonytone says:

    That’s some sketch ass shit!! Solar is as grimy as they come, the proof’s in the audio. You can tell he’s scrambling for help when he keeps talkin over them as soon as they ask the critical ?’s!
    Solar has done nothing but dampen Guru’s legacy. Even if Premo is still not a friend in his eyes, Guru need’s to understand that Premo played a major part in his rise to Icon status. Besides Jazmatazz, Guru has only hurt himself by making selfish career moves. I hope he has an epiphany after this near-death experience and realizes how he became the way he is today. My prayers are with you Guru. Solar is dead weight man!!! Dump him!

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