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10 March, 2010@7:13 am

In a shocking, surprising move, DMX has been arrested for violating his parole on five different counts, including using drugs over the last nine months, say authorities. The rapper was arrested in Arizona last year on theft, narcotic, and animal abuse charges spending 90 days in an AZ prison, and was currently under probation. X told (?) his probation officer that he had been using cocaine and was not following the rules of his treatment plan, Billboard reports. X was booked March 9th in a Phoenix prison, and was isolated from the other inmates.

*bleep* *bleep* everytime,” said X in a statement. “Everytime they do it to me,” he added.

“I think it’s about time to give him hard time,” said Sherriff Joe Arapio. “I’m not telling courts what to do, but how many chances do you give people,” referring to the rapper’s fifth arrest.

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0 Responses to "DMX Gets High, Jailtime (Video)"
  • Greg Rodgers says:

    Kid is done..

    Come on son!…you have movies, record deals and all that type ish and can’t your act together. I don’t get any of these money makers who throw it all away for drugs and criminal activeties….

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