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Last night we got a some new Redman, this morning we get a little Meth, Ghost and Rae. This track hits iTunes today as well. Wu-Massacre coming very soon now.

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LISTEN: Method Man + Ghostface Killah + Raekwon – “Miranda”

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7 Responses to "Method Man + Ghostface Killah + Raekwon – "Miranda""
  • PBS says:

    Good track but it’s pretty obvious Trife is writing for Ghost. Sad to see.

  • los says:

    Superb wrote for “SC” and Trife has written ever since…
    Still Ghost with the delivery…this ish is hot! who’s on the production?

  • PBS says:

    Superb never wrote shit bro just cause he said it doesn’t mean it’s true. Superb never spit a verse in his life that was 1/10 as hot as the shit he claims to have written for Ghost on SC. Superb’s own verse on SC wasn’t shit.

    Trife, on the other hand, has spit a thousand verses that sound exactly like what Ghost is spitting here.

  • los says:

    listen to Ghost before Supreme listen to Ghost on Supreme…Listen to Superb on Supreme…. ghost sounds more simmilar to superb on supreme than himself on anything you heard ghost rap on before.

    Also I don’t see it as a bad thing, that’s how a lot of music is done.

    Keywords you used was spit a verse, that’s why ghost spit that shit cause he makes it sound ill. Also because you are more familar with Trife’s rhyme scheme it is more obvious to you, but doesnt negate Superb contribution to SC. Which is way more than ghost leads on

  • PBS says:

    Ghost had been moving in the direction of his Supreme Clientele style for a while. The fact that you can’t dispute is that Superb has never written anything for himself that is 1/10th as good as the shit you’re saying he wrote for Ghost. I’m not talking about the way it’s spit – I’m talking about on paper.

    Superb’s verse on SC wasn’t near as good lyrically as Ghost’s worst verse on there. If he was writing all that shit for Ghost, he woulda saved some of it for himself, no? I’m sure he was in the studio for the sessions and mighta thought of a lyric here and there…but he wasn’t writing Ghost’s verses the way Trife is now.

    As far as that being how a lot of music is done…maybe so, but that’s not how hip hop is supposed to be done. It’s bullshit that a guy who was once an easy top 10 MC is now using ghostwriters. No excuse for that shit.

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