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Get used to it kids. With music sales in a slump, it’s only a matter of time before your favorite rapper turns into a spokesperson for some corporate entity, or the star of some horrible direct-to-video horror film. We present to you, the most embarrassing sellout moments in hip-hop history.

20. Christopher “Kid” Reid Emerges From 15 Year Absence With Suit Commercial: Sans ‘fro, Kid shows us exactly why his acting career has not been quite as prolific as his other endeavors.

19. Lil Flip Does Commercial For Garage Sale Company: These dudes have to be some of the worst “rappers” we’ve ever seen. Flip should have just saved face and suggested he do the entire commercial himself.

18. Black Eyed Peas For Sale: Prior to Fergie joining the Black Eyed Peas, the group was actually making decent music with their first two records, acting like a modern answer to the Native Tongues. Once Fergie became a full on member, we began to see them in ads for everything from the NBA, Doritos, Itunes, DirecTV, Pepsi, and more. SNL nailed this, in the above sketch.

17. DMX, Actor: We guess the worst thing about X’s short lived acting career is that in virtually every movie he plays DMX.

16. Drake Peddles Sprite – Wait, we thought he was on a 24 hour, champagne diet. For a guy that came from an acting background, you wouldn’t know it from this commercial. And don’t get us started on the “transformation” he undergoes. Wack.

15. Beanie Sigel Gets His Own Line of Pro Keds – Nike, we get. Reebok, we get. But if you had to rock Pro Keds in 7th grade, you weren’t proud of it. Just like how Sigel felt when he had to face the reality that he was a b-list rapper signing a shoe-deal with a b-list company.

14. The Dr.’s Advocate: This is a far cry from when Dre would produce a fridge full of 40 oz’s for his block party. Now he stocks all of his parties with Dr. Pepper, which he talks about like it’s whiskey. Detox for real.

13. M.O.P. Collaborates With L.F.O: There’s no end to the list of questionable collaborations between rappers and other artists, but this, by far, takes the cake. Here, the Mash Out Posse teams up with the Light Funky Ones (yes, really) for this soft-rock meets hardcore hip-hop team up. Adding insult to injury, the song was called “Life is Good”, featuring the boy band singing about how great their lives are. Oh, if they only lived in Brownsville.

12. Leprechaun In The Hood: Heads cried afoul when “the cop killer” Ice-T took on a regular role on Law & Order: SVU. As. A. Cop. But as time would progress we’d see this as a natural fit for him as an actor. Leprechaun In The Hood is another story. Coolio also stars. See if you can make it to the end. Not to be confused with this.

11. Rap Snacks: Here’s a phenomenon we never understood. Various rappers putting their faces on bags of chips that certainly were not all that. Where is the connection between hip-hop and snack foods? Rap and alcohol, sure. Rap and drugs, of course. But who raps about the sweet delicious taste of vinegar and onion? We like how O.D.B.’s bag has the caption “Think Responsibly”.

10. Ice Cube Allows Sega To Put Rings Around His Head: We’re not mad at celebrity endorsements by any stretch of the imagination, but what the fuck is happening in the above advert? And see look, they made a little pun “Head For Saturn”. LOL!

9. M.C. Hammer Prefers Taco Bell Over Burgers: While Hammer selling out is nothing new, there was a short period of time when people actually took him seriously. But by the time this Taco Bell commercial hit, it was clear that he was long gone. In the above clip, Hammer and his friend with the unique haircut dis hamburgers with street attitude, and decide to make a run for the border. Then, Hammer is mobbed by fans to the tune of “Yo Sweetness”, but thankfully his multipurpose, trademark baggy pants save the day. Not Proper. We guess it’s not as bad as patriotic post-9/11 LP, Active Duty.

8. Common Teams Up With PETA: Pamela Anderson, we understand: she’s an idiot. But Com? Doesn’t he know the sheer amount of negative, hypocritical and frankly scary shit PETA members are associated with? Penn & Teller covered this at length in an episode of Bullshit. We understand he’s a vegetarian, but surely there are better organizations to back than these wack jobs.

7. The Pharcyde Backs Brian Austin Green’s Rap Career: Remember those episodes of (the original) Beverly Hills 90210, when Brian Austin Green would bust out rapping for all of his fellow rich, privileged students? No? Well it happened. Anyway, turns out this dude was dead serious like Das Efx, and actually got SlimKid3 of The Pharcyde to produce his entire rap LP. Rated 1.5 stars at All Music, caling it “pallid, uninspired, and insufferably arrogant, with no acknowledgment that its very existence rests solely on Green’s limited success as a secondary actor on a fading prime-time drama.” Ouch. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to use those tracks for a third Pharcyde album on Delicious Vinyl.

6. Redman & Method Man Give Acting A Try: Make no mistake, Redman and Method Man are great rappers, but as actors, not so much. Assigning them to comedy gold such as How High: The Movie and Red & Meth: The Sitcom, sounded the death knell for their credibility in the eyes of hardcore hip-hop heads. But it all came to a head when the duo did an ad together for Right Guard, suggesting their careers as actors smelled funky from the start. Whateva men.

5. Big Daddy Kane Appears Semi-Nude In Madonna’s Sex – No, Kane! Keep in mind that this was in the 90′s, an era where if you were rapper and did anything besides rap, you were considered a sellout. So take that knowledge and apply it to Kane appearing in Madonna’s erotic photobook, Sex, and then combine it with a lousy record, Prince of Darkness, and the coffin was sealed. The only other rapper to appear in Madonna’s book was……….. Vanilla Ice.

4. Snoop Dogg Pushes AOL – Rapper / accused murderer Snoop Dogg has made a career on using himself or his likeness to endorse everything from sneakers to beer to pet toys. And it’s fine, we’ve grown used to seeing the former Rolling 20 Crips member getting paid by any means necessary. However the worst of all of these was Snoop’s appearance in a commercial for perhaps the worst of all evil corporate entities, AOL. Here, he stands beside Ben Stiller’s pops and some generic cackling cardboard cutout white people in attempt to promote the company’s new 9.0 version. The truth is, nobody saw the horrible aftermath to this commercial. During the unaired second part of it, in his anger, Snoop Dogg killed everyone in the room.

3. Run DMC does an ad for The Gap. No, this is all wrong. Run DMC do not wear sweaters from The Gap, they wear tougher than leather jackets and Adidas on their feet. This stung almost as bad as the Crown Royal LP.

2. Flava Flav in “Flavor Of Love” – Poor Chuck D. All that hard work he did in the 90′s with Public Enemy about educating Black youth undone by his partner Flava Flav with his VH1 reality show. Sure, Flav’s always been one to dress extremely as he does in this show, but this is only one step away from the “Burn Hollywood Burn” video. Shame.

1. Ice Cube in “Are We There Yet” – In perhaps the worst sellout moment of all time, the once feared, intimidating Ice Cube of the 90′s entered the new millennium by becoming victim to two crafty little kids with the trap-setting prowess of Kevin from Home Alone. The end result is Cube fighting with a deer, screaming into the camera, and falling down a lot while the kids chuckle repeatedly. Unfortunately, they were the only ones laughing. This hit us below the belt.

46 Responses to "The 20 Most Embarrassing Sellout Moments In Hip-Hop History"
  • antonio says:

    I’m a latino who likes rap music more than anything in this world. My english is not perfect, but I’ll try to do my best. I can’t understand why not body in USA didn’t notice the fact that artist like Lupe, Krs, Nas,Talib, are only slaves of the corporations and a disgrace for the afroamerican people, who had the urgency to know real leaders, real writters and real artist. Is crazy hear this puppets talk about economics problems, ignorance and modern slavery when at the same time they are supporting one of the biggest problems, USA’s foreign politics and corporations.It looks like they’ve got lost in time, they mentality kept in the 60′s, and they still think that Obama is a great president, is really crazy.
    this make me sad, see all this legends in the same level of lil’ Wayne or Souljah boy, why people dont wake up???

    I thing since the day hip-hop became corporations biggest tool, that’s was the day when hip-hop died.

    I dont want to disrespect nobody, I just want to give my opinion and my point of view.

    Thanks to those who understand what I’m trying to say. Also is sad to see all of the people saying “go get your money talib” “is all about the money”….it’s make me clear that the wonderful world of Disney did a good brain washing job.

  • Jock says:

    Why the fuck are people spelling ‘niggas’ as ‘niqqas’? You fucking illiterate cunts.

  • Akila says:

    Some cheesy ones from South Africa…

    Vanilla Ice
    MC Hammer

  • Kristian says:

    To the racist motherfucker that wrote this article…
    What’s up you piece of shit?
    So a rapper is considered a sell out when he has white fans?
    And with the last one you’re saying that all WHITE people love the same thing?
    A lame kids’ movie?
    FUCK you.

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