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What do we have here? Our first co-branded mixtape since the relaunch. Of course longtime followers know we’ve been doing this kind of thing since around 2001, however as you can see from our discography, we don’t attach our name to just anything. Basically, Red Planet Music are throwing a show tonight (!) in Philly with each of the artists on the CD – Sadat X, Last Emperor, Pack FM, Substantial, and Icon The Mic King – so we got together to put out this mix of new, exclusive, and classic tracks from the crew, mixed to perfection by DJ Jay-Ski (Skratch Makaniks/

DJ Jay Ski “The Release” Mixtape

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0 Responses to "DJ Jay Ski + Last Emperor + Sadat X + Pack FM + Substantial + Icon The Mic King – "The Release" (*sticky*)"
  • touchphonics says:

    I’m, so fuckin glad this site is up and running again! this mix is hitting me sooo right now! elzhi & cool-aide!!Pack Fm’s second verse in ‘happy days’ is the best talk on the state of hip hop and music in general that i’ve heard in a long time. Substantial is a HUGE highlight of this mix….thanks for the introduction…extended fam as well.I want more. Sadat X is still on some other shit! Last Emp is an OG. The KRS-ONE/last EMP/Channel Live/Young Z is also killing it. I’m b-boying in the mirror to this shit. THANK YOU JAY SKI!

  • Miz says:

    Last Emperor is the truth.
    Cant want for his new album to drop!

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