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10. Face-Proof - People take death in different ways. While we were all sad to see Proof go, perhaps Pierre Johnson took it the worst. While Eminem’s freshly designed forearm pays homage to the fallen rapper, this borderlines on insanity. Tragic on many levels.

9. Lil Cease Loves His Family – He could follow up with additional tattoos that also state the obvious, like “I breathe the air” and “I am a human being.”

8. Bubba Sparrxx “New South” Is An Arm-ey: Hmm, not really “new” any more though. After Timbaland abandoned him, maybe they’ll soak off at the diner he’s now washing dishes at.

7. Nas – “Kelis Nekkid” Pre-Divorce Tattoo: Our favorite rapper made the mistake of tatting his wife Kelis on his arm, except now she’s not his wife any more. Life’s a bitch.

6. Eve Can Haz Cat Paw Titties?: Breasteses are supposed to look like beautiful things that we want to put in our mouths. They are not to appear as if a cat scampered across them. Unsexy.

5. Soulja Boy’s Neck: For a rapper that has sold more ring-tones and single track sales that anybody, one might think he would not be forced to hire eleven-year-old’s to do his permanent neck drawerings.

4. Crooked I’s Spellin’ Slaughter: Crook is a phenomenal rapper and incredible wordsmith, and one that needs to beat the ass of his tattoo artist. We can only imagine there was a time where he may have been trying to convince the rest of the Slaughterhouse crew to spell their name with only one “H” on the album cover.

3. Nick Cannon Has Mariah On His Back: One day Nick Cannon will find out the truth about celebrity marriages. Until then, Mariah will follow him wherever he goes.

2. Birdman’s Head: The whole “5 Star General” thing literally went to his head. There is also a logo for his Bronald oil company on his oily head.

1. Game Face: It started off as a butterfly (?) above his right eye. When he decided that the butterfly made him look like a lil’ fruit*, he transformed it into an L.A. Dodgers logo. Then, he took it a step further and put a red star around it, which covers his whole right cheekbone. Weirdo.

* “lil’ fruit” is (c) Royce Da 5’9

3 Responses to "The 10 Worst Rap Tattoos Ever. (*sticky*)"
  • I agree with many on this list and here are several more that you can laugh at…Lol.

  • Tabitha says:

    how could u not include ice cream cheeks (gucci mane)? LOL

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