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14 April, 2010@1:49 am

At this point in his career, E-40 really needs no introduction. With over 20 years in the game, he’s created an original style and flavor all his own. In addition to having the most hilariously named album of all time; The Ball Street Journal, Fonzarelli is famous for classics such as: “Yay Area”, “Sprinkle Me”, “Tell Me When to Go” and of course “Hyphy” w/ The Federation. With all of that, he has become a hip-hop icon.
E-40 has done everything from authoring books to running various businesses in his native Northern California. His main hustle, however, is that of being a rapper. With his 11th album release; the two-part Revenue Retrievin’, E-40 sticks to this day job. On it’s first volume, Day Shift, the fruit of his labor is a packed, nineteen track opus that finds 40 Water staying true to his roots.

The album starts off in typical -E40 fashion with “Back in Business”, produced by Droop-E. The track starts the album off right, displaying E-40’s rapid fire delivery over a simple, but effective, 808 backed beat. From there, Feezy teams with Gucci Mane for “Whip It Up”. The track is another winner, as 40 displays the style that made him famous and Gucci does what he does best; saying his name a lot. To be fair, it’s classic Gucci Mane and fans of him won’t be disappointed. Too Short makes an appearance, teaming with E-40 for predictably titled “Bitch”. The track is a quintessential Yay Area song and also a perfect mid-summer, west coast club track. The first few tracks of Revenue Retrievein: Day Shift are crafted well and keep the listener involved.

Day Shift continues along the same path of excellence as the next four tracks keep it movin’ nicely. The beats, while not necessarily varied or different give the album a certain feel that a listener can appreciate. Tracks such as “Undastandz Me” and “Duck” continue along the same vein as the first few songs with bouncy beats coupled with E-40 bringing forth his unique wordplay. He even puts his spin on a classic, with a version of “The Art of Story Tellin”. The only real misstep on the first half Day Shift is the horrendous “Fuck You Right”. We understand the perceived need for making a track for the females, but the song is flat out terrible.

The majority of the production on Day Shift is handled by E-40’s son Droop-E. Fortunately, this is not a nepotistic situation and Droop-E carries his own weight. He even lends a verse on the track “This a Boy”. Though not exactly a wordsmith, Droop-E delivers a decent verse. His talent is displayed more on the production side and he does an amazing job on the standout track: “Ima Teach Ya How to Sell Dope”. While not delivering the most positive message, the track is a full-fledged beast that almost rivals classics such as “Dopeman” and “I’m Your Pusher”. Droop-E produces a classic west coast beat with a strong screwed hook while 40 does some of his best work.

With a total of nineteen tracks overall, Revenue Retrievein: Day Shift is a bear. Midway through the album, the listener almost hits a wall and at times the album feels overloaded. The tracks: “The Weedman”, “Lightweight Jammin’” and “Everyday Is a Weekend”, while not terrible, could probably have been left off the album. Even with this, the Day Shift picks back up with the dope “Got It”, which features more bangin’ production from Droop-E. Surprisingly, Rick Rock lends his production to only one song. The track: “Rick Rock Horns” is a definite disappointment. As the album concludes, it does so with two filler tracks in: “Dem Boyz” and “Outta Control”. But again, Day Shift is picked up by “All I Need” and the album’s final track “Gotta Get Betta”. The second half is somewhat of a roller coaster with filler tracks slowing the album down, only to have it picked back up with a few very strong tracks.

Overall, Revenue Retrievein: Day Shift turns out to be a very strong release for E-Fonzarelli. Though the album is packed with unnecessary filler songs, they don’t necessarily bring the album down. It’s a long listen, but with that said, 40 Water puts in the hours on the Day Shift.

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0 Responses to "E-40 – "Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift" – @@@@ (Review)"
  • YoHan D. Man (Bay Area, CA) says:

    I thought this was a good release from the “40″ Man. Much better than some of the recent releases. I got it in rotation right now.

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