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All we have to say is, you can see the weakness of a man right through his iris….. and Solar’s wearing sunglasses throughout the entire interview. Pfffff.

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0 Responses to "Solar In The Hot Seat With MTV's Sway On Guru's Death (Parts 1-5)"
  • Greg Rodgers says:

    Ok…its official…this guy is a lying bitch.

    Firstly, I do believe him when he says he and Guru were not butt buddies.

    Everything else is bitch. I may or may not attend the funeral? You say he is like your brother, his business partner and helped him when he was sick…but now he’s dead.. Solar says,”Funeral arrangements..pfff..that’s on his family thats on them…” How effed up did that sound?

    The foundation that Guru started…naw…it was started by Guru, Solar and solars partners. Yeah…what did Solar do..ask Guru when he was in a coma if its okay to start this foundation?

    This dude is on some shady shit. He had to have had something over Guru’s head. It has to be.

    Guru always worked with the best, Premo, Shug, Masta Ace, MOP, ED oG, Freddie Foxx, Rakim…this list goes on. Then all of the sudden he teams up with this no name, wack beat making dookie head? Something is not right, and its this guy.

    He even admitted that he ad libbed Guru’s words. Like one time when Guru was pissed off 7 yrs ago he MAY have said he didn’t want Primo to be involved with his ish. But years later, Primo was talking about a 7th album together. Solar then uses those words from 7yrs ago as something Guru meant today…right?

    Come on Son…he is posturing to get Guru’s shit period.

    Bumpy Knucks…handle this dude….


  • OBIE says:

    Wooooowww this is messed up. You can tell Sway feels dirty. He’s just sitting there like “are you fucken serious dude?”

  • Christopher Stein says:

    This is garbage and you can tell sway doesn’t believe him either but he is trying to maintain journalistic integrity. I would hate to see Foxxx or Shug get in trouble for fucking this guy up but someone needs to. Dude has no conscious.

  • gub says:

    “play fighting” sounds gay.

  • nwr says:

    So Solar, you basically wrote the statement. At least he didn’t flat out lie.

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