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All we have to say is, you can see the weakness of a man right through his iris….. and Solar’s wearing sunglasses throughout the entire interview. Pfffff.

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0 Responses to "Solar In The Hot Seat With MTV's Sway On Guru's Death (Parts 1-5)"
  • nwr says:

    The worst thing about this whole situation is the fact the Solar is getting shine from it. He’s gone from a total unknown and unrecognized dude to someone that MTV is interviewing. Talk about bullshit.

  • I couldn’t even bring myself to watch this shit man. I already now dudes is a snake. GURU was a GOD right? So how could he not see thorough this DEVIL? Man this shit just doesnt make an ounce of sense. I honestly am not opposed to believe that this dude and GURU had a relationship. I mean why else would a man like GURU let himself get played like this. That is the one and only reason I could see him letting himself get manipulated. Honestly it sucks to say but at the end of the day I guess no one will ever know but like Bob Marley said “who the cap fit, let them wear it.”

  • Karisma says:

    This dude is a straight up criminal. In the wake of GURU’S death this thief is trying to steal GURU’S legacy & his dignity all in the attempt to make himself look like a HERO. Anyone that read that letter knew that they were reading a LOVE LETTER to Solar & if GURU has been in a coma since February… when exactly did GURU have time on his deathbed to construct such a letter? GURU’S death should be about the Music that GURU blessed US with… instead this nut Solar has the whole world wondering if GURU was a Homosexual ??? How deep is that?

  • Christina says:

    RIP Guru….Tribe can describes Solar best:
    “record company people are shady… so kids watch your back cuz I bet they smoke crack I don’t doubt it …look at how they act”

  • MMA Emcee says:

    Compare the speech pattern of Solar to the alleged “Guru letter” and you’ll notice that the letter is all Solar’s doing. C’mon does it take a PhD to recognize this guy is lying through his teeth???

    I’ve seen this picture repeat itself many times in life. A dying or sickly individual falls into the shadow of a manipulative individual who harbors their own alterior motives and agenda. As the sick person grows weaker and withers away it becomes easier for the manipulative person to strengthen their hold and influence on the former.

    Next thing you know, the sick person’s family, former closest friends, etc are cut off by the manipulative “real friend” and suddenly all of the sick person’s dealings and communications with the everyone else cannot be conducted without passing through the manipulative person like a filter.

    It saddens me deeply that one of my biggest musical inspirations and heros—a true pioneer and legend of hip hop—died being a victim of such disgusting manipulation and deceit. I can only hope that he was not a victim of worse. Manipulative power mongers that lord over sick people have been known to physically abuse them in their defenseless state as well.

    Guru RIP. Yet another G.O.A.T. gone but added to the lineup of Biggie, Pac, Big L, Pun, Tah and ODB

    All in a better place. Imagine what a super group that would make!!!

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