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26 April, 2010@4:10 am

On PublicEnemy.Com, Chuck D spoke openly about The Guru, as well as the awkward situation surrounding DJ Premier and the “10 Crack Commandments” lawsuit.

Truly one of the good dudes man. As far as hard worked skill and what GOD gave him he really was in a zone by himself. He and PRIMO ventured beyond the conventional and still kept it 350% hip hop.

Touring with him a few times and especially 1998 on the Smoking Grooves tour I always seen dude at a very even keel. A nice cat. ‘YOU KNOW MY STEEZ’ video was shot on a freezing day on Randalls Island back in 97 ….a crazy respectable relationship PE and the GANG STARR Foundation …GURU name checked me in that rhyme, I often name checked

Even on a few ruffled times when I had to let the BAD BOY / BIGGIE situation know that I didn’t dig or stand for use of my voice for Ten Crack Commandments without at least calling me. It was a bit awkward development during that process , BIG had passed and PRIMO was the producer on it. Finding that things were in motion between 2 major companies and lawyers trying to claim it and keeping both of us out the business mix regardless of how we planned to fix it, till I let let PRIMO know this wasn’t a GANG STARR issue. It was a crack first, my voice second , and notorious BMG situation not B.I.G.

Regardless of feelings , we were men about it. And GURU was a the chief feel good dude as with FLAV on the tour of 1998. And BIG SUGG ,FREDDIE FOXX, and FOX made like like family that tour. We had a ball for real and in the ‘Do You Wanna Go Our Way’ video GURU and PRIMO blessed us. Most recently as just a couple of weeks ago as well as the last few years PRIMO and I hug as soldiers we are in this game and we sincerely greet with love.

GURU made it always easy for everybody I felt…..I never knew him as well as PRIMO but I’m proud to have worked with alongside of him and the legacy those two cats manifested. No big pun intended with that last statement referencing one of GANG STARRs first hit records. To GURU in whatever spirit his place may be, stay cool soldier as you taught us all how to be.

As in the words of BUMPY KNUCKLES ….Salute…GURU, PRIMO GANG STARR forever.

Chuck D

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1 Responses to "Chuck D Speaks On Guru, DJ Premier Non-Beef"
  • Raj says:

    Much respect Chuck


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