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If you haven’t been following the actual news lately, the state of Arizona just passed a World War II era anti-immigration law that allows police to stop people of Hispanic origin at any time and for any reason, and demand to see their “papers”. This is what Ann Coulter would refer to as “the description of a suspect”, and what the rational mind sees as “racial profiling”. Public Enemy’s Chuck D recently opened up and spoke on the issue, in an article on The Huffington Post. He writes:

The Arizona immigration bill — which Governor Jan Brewer has decided to sign into law — is racist, deceitful, and reflects some of the most mean-spirited politics against immigrants that the country has ever seen. The power that this law gives to police to detain people that they suspect to be undocumented brings racial profiling to a new low. Brewer’s actions and those of Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, the Arizona State Senate are despicable, inexcusable, and endorse the all-out hate campaign that Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, and others have perpetrated upon immigrants for years. The people of Arizona who voted for this bill, as well as those who crafted it, demonstrate no regard for the humanity or contributions of Latino people. And for all of those who have chosen not to speak up, shame on you for silently endorsing this legislated hate.

In 1991 Public Enemy wrote a song criticizing Arizona officials (including John McCain and Fife Symington) for rejecting the federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The same politics written about in “By the Time I Get to Arizona” are alive and well in Arizona today, but this time the target is Brown people.

These actions must stop. We are issuing a call to action, urging fellow musicians, artists, athletes, performers, academics and production companies to refuse to work in Arizona until officials not only overturn this bill, but recognize the human rights of immigrants. This should include the NBA playoffs, revisiting the actions of the NFL in 1993, when they moved the Superbowl to Pasadena in protest against Arizona’s refusal to recognize Dr. King. We all need to speak up in defense of our brothers and sisters being victimized in Arizona, because things are only getting worse. What they’re doing to immigrants is appalling, but it will be even more damning if we remain silent.

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0 Responses to "Chuck D Speaks Out Against New Arizona Immigration Laws."
  • KC says:

    Robin Lopez sounds like he might be Hispanic. Guess the Suns should trade him.

  • Greg Rodgers says:

    Hmmm? Chuck D has a point. The cops “maybe” should not be able to just check peeps just because.

    However, Illegal immigration causes many problems. Healthcare issues are the major issues as those without legal status clog up hospitals, receive free care and have border babies in order to collect welfare checks.

    This drains the coffers for those who are in the country legally and causes taxes, fee’s and other money grabs on you and me.

    I fully understand that hispanic people who are here legally or in fact are just plain American Citizens should not have to be subjected to these “searches”. However, if these Illegals would stop thinking its their right to crash the border then we would not have to go through these extremes.

    If these folks would come here legally this would resolve many of these issues. If they cannot come here legally, then these folks are only going to cause problems for legal hispanics.

    Just like masses of black people who commit crimes cause issues for hard working black folks who try to live right.

    (and naw son…I am black)


  • Matt Lautemann says:

    I’m a 41 year old Graphic Designer and P.E. fan and have been for decades. My folks are 72 and live on the boarder of AZ and Mexico, south of Seirra Vista. So I speak from a perspective of concern for my parents, who both carry firearms now. Who at 72 should feel the need to carry a weapon?

    The new law is extreme but so is the problem. 450,000 illegal people present a tough challenge and it’s obvious this law does open the potential for racial profiling. Will some be wrongfully questioned? Of course. It would be naive to think it won’t happen but that can’t be the reason to give up trying and continue to have major problems. The Federal Goverment has failed this boarder state with their lack of support.

    The law passed so the majority of residents of AZ do support it. Don’t believe me…find out the facts for yourself.

    So what now? If only .5% are located every couple of weeks, what is the plan? I have yet to hear what the plan will be if anyone is arrested. Tax payers of AZ won’t support a tax increase to build new prisons. Which I pray does not become the answer. But what if it ends up working? No one is even discussing that possibility.

    It should be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next several months. But whatever happens it is important to keep in mind that this is the decision of the people of AZ and as a country it is important to recognize their rights to do so as it is them who are dealing with the issue each and every day.

    To stand back in another state and case judgement as to what it’s like or what the solution should be is a bit short sighted in my opinion. It is a real problem that needs a solution that works and is fair. Is this it? Time will tell.

    Move to AZ and experience it first hand if you want to see it from both sides.

    Yo! Don’t Bum Rush the State
    Peace from Colorado

  • KC says:

    I agree with you, Greg. And, part of the problem is that the process of becoming a legal citizen is too daunting (and expensive) for the majority of people coming over. My wife’s cousin married a Russian man, and it took him 4 years to become a legal citizen, and he was trying to go about everything the right way. So, for the uninitiated, there’s no reason for them to even pretend to want to become a legal citizen, especially with so many loopholes that can get them what they need (health care and welfare).

  • KingHippo says:

    1. They didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them. Mexicans were in Texas way before Steve Austin, that wetback from Tenessee. The entire southwest was Mexican territory, including Arizona. Ever hear of a thing called the Mexican-American War? American Imperialism at it’s finest.

    2. That same imperialism brought your ancestors from Africa. Marching into Mexican territory, stealing their land and then not allowing them to come back is like them bringing slaves and then forcing them to leave the country and not allowing them to come back.

    3. I don’t understand why people think that undocumented people consume so many resources. They are ineligible for government services and public assistance if they are undocumented. So no health care and no welfare. Its not that complex.

    4. I don’t understand how people complain about undocumented workers not paying taxes. In order to get a paying hourly job where you get a check, you need a social security card. Undocumented people who don’t have a social security check have to use fake ones. That means that every time an undocumented worker gets a check, they pay state AND federal taxes AND pay into social security (something they will likely never be able to collect). Also, how much of a tax return do you think these undocumented workers get back? The answer is nothing. Of course, not all undocumented workers have jobs where they get checks. Many of them work off the books as daylaborers or what have you. But I can assure you that most undocumented persons in front of your local Home Depot would rather have a job with a check. They would agree to pay double taxes. Because that is the whole reason undocumented people come to the United States to begin with. There are no jobs in their native countries and no opportunities. As long as people are hungry, they will try to get a meal. And as people, I feel they deserve the opportunity to eat.

    5. Of course they would come here legally IF THEY COULD. Why would they CHOOSE to be undocumented rather than get a green card? That makes not a drop a sense. The truth is that the united states sets a quota for how many mexicans (and all nations) can come legally to the US every year. And that number is low.

    6. Arizona might be trying to push all the Mexicans out now that the economy is down, but when business picks back up and these big money corporations need cheap labor, the United States will bring them back. They did it when they needed to build the railroads and again to work the fields through that Bracero Program. They also gave Mexicans citizenship in exchange for their service when they needed soldiers for the Mexican-American War that I mentioned earlier, the Civil War & World War I. Of course those many of those Mexican WWI vets from Los Angeles that received their citizenship were packed onto trains and dropped off at the border during the Great Depression.

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