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If you haven’t been following the actual news lately, the state of Arizona just passed a World War II era anti-immigration law that allows police to stop people of Hispanic origin at any time and for any reason, and demand to see their “papers”. This is what Ann Coulter would refer to as “the description of a suspect”, and what the rational mind sees as “racial profiling”. Public Enemy’s Chuck D recently opened up and spoke on the issue, in an article on The Huffington Post. He writes:

The Arizona immigration bill — which Governor Jan Brewer has decided to sign into law — is racist, deceitful, and reflects some of the most mean-spirited politics against immigrants that the country has ever seen. The power that this law gives to police to detain people that they suspect to be undocumented brings racial profiling to a new low. Brewer’s actions and those of Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, the Arizona State Senate are despicable, inexcusable, and endorse the all-out hate campaign that Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, and others have perpetrated upon immigrants for years. The people of Arizona who voted for this bill, as well as those who crafted it, demonstrate no regard for the humanity or contributions of Latino people. And for all of those who have chosen not to speak up, shame on you for silently endorsing this legislated hate.

In 1991 Public Enemy wrote a song criticizing Arizona officials (including John McCain and Fife Symington) for rejecting the federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The same politics written about in “By the Time I Get to Arizona” are alive and well in Arizona today, but this time the target is Brown people.

These actions must stop. We are issuing a call to action, urging fellow musicians, artists, athletes, performers, academics and production companies to refuse to work in Arizona until officials not only overturn this bill, but recognize the human rights of immigrants. This should include the NBA playoffs, revisiting the actions of the NFL in 1993, when they moved the Superbowl to Pasadena in protest against Arizona’s refusal to recognize Dr. King. We all need to speak up in defense of our brothers and sisters being victimized in Arizona, because things are only getting worse. What they’re doing to immigrants is appalling, but it will be even more damning if we remain silent.

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0 Responses to "Chuck D Speaks Out Against New Arizona Immigration Laws."
  • Greg Rodgers says:

    This is the USA. Does not matter what happened when Mexico lost this land. This is now..not then.

    Fact…illegals DO infact use up resources. Illegals use hospital emergency rooms for healthcare and skip out without paying anything. Those lost fee’s for the hospitals get pushed onto those with health insurance in higher costs for healthcare. WE PAY FOR THEM!!!

    Fact….illegals do not pay taxes on pay. They often times get paid under the table at under the minimum wage. People who speak for them say…”well they pay taxes on goods they buy with money they earn. Maybe true but its not the 33% that we citizens pay in income tax plus sales taxes. Its more like they pay sales tax at 5 to 8 percent only!!

    Fact…if corporations and businesses are caught hiring illegals they face heavy fines. (see New Bedford Mass)

    Look…once you cross the border without papers you break the law. If its to expensive…too bad. Thats like saying I want a watch but its too expensive and you take it anyway. Its a criminal act.

    Come here legally. I have no problem with that…

    Ps. Illegals…please stop parading around with we have rights signs. You don’t when you are here in the USA illegally. It does not help your plight.

  • KingHippo says:

    history definitely matters. are you saying that slavery doesnt matter because it happened in the past. get the fuck out of here with that. there is a reason why history is a field of academic study. think about it.

    i’m not saying that undocumented persons don’t use ANY resources. that is a generalization and obviously false. but to single out undocumented persons is just racist. that’s like me saying black people rob liquor stores. or black people are on welfare. or black people stink. its dumb and its ignorant. it’s a stereotype and doesn’t have any place in a civilized society. the truth is that undocumented persons in the united states constitute a small portion of the population. there are many more citizens skipping out on hospital bills, and bills at dennys at 3am for that matter, than undocumented persons.

    your tax argument is also retarded. again you’re making broad assumptions about shit you just don’t know. you look at an indigenous looking person and you assume their undocumented and that they get paid under the table. the truth is MOST undocumented persons working in the United States get paid with a payroll check. Those checks get TAXED. there is no box that you can check when filling out paperwork for a job (W2s or W4s or whatever) that says “I’M UNDOCUMENTED SO DON’T TAX MY CHECK!”.

    as far as heavy fines for corporations, those heavy fines are more like slaps on the wrist. government officials are in corporate pockets. its how government works. look up the bracero program. thats was basically a goverment program to provide big agribusiness with cheap labor and is a prime example of what im talking about.

    being undocumented is NOT a criminal offense. it’s a civil act. so your analogy is fucking dumb. what coming here undocumented is like saying is “Fuck, I’m hungry and my whole family is hungry but I don’t have any money because my nativeland has no jobs and hope for economic prosperity and im willing to work hard so ill go to the united states where if i work hard i can achieve the american dream”. being undocumented is a civil matter. only now with SB 1070 is being undocumented being criminalized and thats only in arizona.

    you obviously have a problem with people being here. thats what your whole general, ignorant, based on bullshit stereotypes, attitude is. you assume that because somebody has a piece of bullshit paper that helps you establish legal residency that people aren’t gonna skip out on hospital bills or aren’t going to be paid under the table. as i said before, of course everybody wants to come here legally. you’re dumber than i thought you were if you can’t figure that out.

    everybody has rights. simple, human fucking rights. the right to be treated like a person, not like a savage the way the united states treated the native americans and not like 3/5 of a person the way they counted the slaves. maybe holding signs isn’t going to sway the opinion of an ignorant hater such as yourself, but it should make people with a conscious wonder if sb 1070 is a moral law or not.

    what do you think? am i citizen? how do you know if i am or not?

    are you a citizen? do you walk around with your birth certificate?

  • robert says:

    This outright foolishness and ignorance from celebrities like chuck d, shakira, barkley, the Suns etc. is what is appalling. The bill allows police to ask anyone who is being pulled over or stoped for a form of ID. If they do not have the ID they will have to prove ID just like any person living in the US right now. This law is exactly what we need right now, looking at worsening violence and drug traffic on our boarders something has to be done. All the law does is enforce the existing law. I know many LEGAL immigrants who are for this law, because of their passion for America, and the hard work they went through to come here LEGALLY, why do we want to see people who broke our laws get away with it? Legal immigration is great and anyone doing so legally should be applauded, but ILLEGAL immigration should never be tolerated. So good work Arizona for having the guts to uphold the constitution.

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