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More questions have been raised about a charity allegedy opened in Guru’s name called Each One Counts. The charity was first announced in what Solar claims was the final farewell letter from Guru to the fans, after his death one week ago today. New York’s Birthplace Magazine has blown the case wide open, diligently investigating the origins of Each One Counts, and has come up with the following conclusions.

The article states public records show that Each One Counts Inc is listed under the name Denise Sandoval, aka Denise Mosher, who is married to John Mosher, also known as Solar. The address 119 Rockland Ctr, #328, Nanuet, NY 10954 – a UPS store box.

They dig a little deeper to find that, by law, any non-profit organization brings in than $25k per year is required to file a 990N form, of which records are posted online at the IRS’s website, available for anyone to read. There is are now 990N forms for Each One Counts Inc on the IRS website. If a non-profit organization pulls in over $25K per year, they must fill out 990 or 990EZ forms, instead. There are neither listed for Each One Counts Inc.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again……


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4 Responses to "Guru Charity Opened In Solar's Wife's Name, Links To UPS Store."
  • Disz1D says:

    I’m only surprised he has a wife.

  • mgeeze says:

    i would not donate to this site if solar has anything to do with it. he is sheisty

  • Tonytone says:

    He’s a leech who’ll eventually be exposed for the fraud that he is!! Its just sad that Guru and Gangstarr aren’t as respected commercially as they should be. I mean, if this were The Black Eyed Peas or some other watered down “rap” group, every music-related media outlet would be having a field day with this!! Shame that Solar isnt gettin nowhere near the shakedown that he needs to be

  • Presto says:

    Does anybody know how I can set up a fake non-profit?

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