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More from the MTV interview with Guru’s sister, where she reveals more about the situation surrounding his death.

“When you ask me why he blames me, he’s a perceptive guy, and he knows if someone is with him or not,” Patricia told MTV. “I never was with [Solar] for various reason over the years. But now that my father and brother both see where this had gone, they are like, ‘You were right.’ They can’t get over it that someone would even behave in this manner. It’s been a learning experience….. I don’t know what the influence was,” she told MTV. “I don’t know if it was drugs, brainwashing, whatever. I don’t know if it was blackmail. For whatever reason, my brother decided to trust him with his life, and we see where that ended up. It’s an American tragedy, as far as I’m concerned.”

“When I went in there, I was so shocked at what he looked like,” she continued, affirming DJ Premier’s recent comments about the state of his hygiene. “I didn’t pay attention to a bunch of fine details. I did notice his hair. He always shaved his head. It was odd to see [hair] grown around the edges. I didn’t get the feeling of he wasn’t being taken care of. I didn’t look at his nails, that kind of thing. I looked at how frail he was, how skeleton-like his head looked, how swollen his hands and feet were. I was shocked at his overall appearance.”

“Oh, God, my brother never regained consciousness,” Patricia said. “Understand this: He never regained consciousness from the time he went into a coma in freaking mid-February until he died. You tell me how someone writes a letter in that state. He tells my son when he got there, ‘He’s gonna look like he was in a coma.’ No, he was in a coma. When [Guru] went into the hospital, he wasn’t thinking he was gonna die; he was thinking he would get better. But if he did think he was gonna die, and he was on his deathbed because his son was so important to him, he would have been writing a letter to his son. He wouldn’t have wrote a letter about ‘Oh, my freaking career and this that and the other, and this person is in charge of my life.’ No. That letter was so self-serving. I’m happy to see that most people say when they read it, ‘It doesn’t even sound like him.’ That’s not how my brother wrote. That’s not how my brother talked.

“If he was writing a letter on his deathbed, it would have been to his son, [to] my father, that kind of thing,” she added. “Or it would have been about wishes he has for his son, [how] he hopes he left a positive legacy. That’s the kind of thing he would have written.”

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0 Responses to "Patricia Elam: "If [Guru] Was Writing A Letter On His Deathbed, It Would Have Been To His Son.""
  • mihau says:

    wow, 5 guru posts per day, at least. where were you when guru was alive? riding premiers dick?

  • Greg Rodgers says:

    mihau…WTF? Guru had not put out anything remotely hot since 2003. People talk about emcees in this biz when they are hot.

    Its sad. Guru is (was) one of the best. He got with Solar and lost his flame and ultimately his life.

    You seem to be a Solar (maybe you are Solar)…but the truth hurts. The only one riding Primo’s nuts is Solar.

  • Precision4 says:

    Thank you HipHipSite for keeping us updated on Guru’s situation. I truly appreciate it since the mainstrian media would never cover this.

    Mihua, stop commenting on the damn posts if you dont care. Go read about Lil’ Wayne and B.O.B and shit like that.

    RIP Guru.

  • Mac Daddy says:

    @ mihau: you’re a dick and everyone can see it. HHS are just reporting the news as it comes in you dumb ass, or are you too retarded to realize that? Oh and your website sucks.

    Anyway I’m really glad to see more and more info come out about Solar’s scandalous ass. I hope charges are brought up against him. At least no one will trust him now.

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