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This is part of a 2007 interview with Guru and Solar with FaceCulture. Watch as Solar loses his cool when Guru’s past with Premier is mentioned. There is such a thing as bad publicity – and this is it. #fucksolar.

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0 Responses to "Solar Lives In Magical Fantasy World Where He Is More Accomplished Than DJ Premier."
  • Ben says:

    This guy is full of shit. I hope he gets hit by a fuckin bus and backed up on. Redline? I’ve never even heard of that movie. Spoken like a true never was you asshole. You couldn’t even carry preemo’s crates around for him. In the words of Juicy J” Shut The fuuuuuccck uuuuppp!”

  • Spark says:

    Re Redline (from Wikipedia):

    “Redline was a failure at the box office and with critics. The film opened at #11 at the U.S. box office, grossing $3.9 million in 1,607 theaters in its opening weekend.”

    WTF is Solar smoking?

  • kancer says:

    Too bad the interviewer didn’t have the balls to refute what Solar was saying. Redline the number one movie in Hollywood? What the fuck? Primo is a legend, I dunno what this fucking clown is even talking about. That’s on some real delusional shit..

  • Tom jackson says:

    I agree. Solar TOTALLY outclasses Premier, and gets the best out of Guru.

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