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Yup, you read that right. Solar reportedly wants Premier to join him in a memorial concert for Guru. “Not only Premier, but the whole Gang Starr Foundation — everybody, for sure,” Solar told MTV News. “It couldn’t be [a tribute] without them. Plus, the list of artists Guru and I have already compiled that would go with it, that would be brilliant.”

It appears that Solar is trying to get his name off the industry shit-list and no one can really say what his true intentions are. Stay tuned people, this should be interesting. [Source MTV News]

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0 Responses to "Solar Says DJ Premier And Gang Starr Foundation Should Join Him For A Guru Memorial Concert"
  • mgeeze says:

    @Roo, i was thinking the same thing..
    I thought that Sway was going to go off on Solar..
    That would have been priceless

  • JonJay says:

    Truth be told when I was watching this video I had already read every ones comments and just watched Sway’s body language throughout the whole clip. Sway kept his composure because I must agree he looked like he wanted to put his fist through Solar’s skull. Sway was itching, literally. Watch the clip again. Just sad how all of this has played out though. Much respect to Guru and his legacy and if a memorial concert does come to light I also agree it should be Solar-less.

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