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With Gucci Mane currently incarcerated for a probation violation,fans of his may be wondering where they’ll get their fix. To remedy this,Gucci linked up with DJ Holiday to bring us The Burrprint 2. In high definition, bitches.

The Burrprint 2 begins with some heartfelt words from the locked down Gucci and continues on “Intro( Live From Fulton County Jail) where Gucci drops verses via telephone ‘ala Capone/Hell Rell. The lead track “Atlanta Zoo” (feat. Ludacris) is a certified snoozer until Ludacris appears and rips it to shreds.Luda clearly outshines Gucci and turns the track from skippable to listenable.Gucci picks things back up with the decent “Boy From The Block”. With the tracks”Parked Outside” and “Gucci On The Rise”,  he also redeems himself and recaptures the listener’s attention.

Mr. So Icy continues with the positives, first in linking up with Yo Gotti for “Do This Shit Again” and with “Everybody Looking”. These tracks are again decent, but not mind blowing. The next series of tracks are the mixtape’s downfall. ” Coca Coca” and “Here We Go Again” are both awful snoozers with boring beats and half-assed hooks.It doesn’t get any better as Gucci tries to talk to the ladies with the boring “Antisocial” (feat. Mylah) and the god awful “Beat It Up” (feat Trey Songz).

As it wraps up, The Burrprint 2 picks up a little bit with “How I’m Living” (feat Jim Jones) and the only real standout in “Shining For No Apparent Reason”  (feat Waka Flocka Flame and Wooh Da Kid). The Burrprint 2 is a big miss in the eyes of this critic. It comes in at a heavy 24 tracks with half of them being drops and words from Gucci.The overall musical content is mediocre at best with a collection of boring, similar sounding songs back to back.The potential is there for Gucci to release better material for his fans as they await his next full length. But on The Burrprint 2, he disappoints and leaves the listener wondering what could have been.

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6 Responses to "Gucci Mane – "The Burrprint 2 HD" Mixtape – @@ (Review) (*Sticky*)"
  • mason says:

    gucci is my fuckin idol manee

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