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5 May, 2010@3:19 am

(Above: Pharrell & HHS Staff @ HipHopSite retail store in 2006.)

As HHS re-enters the scene, we’re keeping a close watch on what’s going on in this industry, and the new breed of rap websites. All due respect to those who have been doing it the last few years, holding it down while we closed up shop, tried to battle Itunes, and ultimately slid back into the content groove that we’ve been doing since day one. Any “beefs” that have been manifested here in the last day or so are with one individual, not with anyone else in the scene. Nah Right, Rap Radar, DJ Booth, DX, Team Supreme, I’m Flashy, etc, you guys look great. Meka, your editorials at XXL are a great read. Props are due to all.

Daily “blog” updates keep the HHS frontpage looking fresh, but we haven’t turned our backs on the editorial content aspect of the site, as we have 14 years of interviews and album reviews archived conducted by the HHS staff, and will continue to post them every week as we move on. That makes for around 1600+ articles that are more than just a video or mixtape links with a sentence or two attached. So yeah, if Big Brother ever decides it’s time to shut down the blog scene, we’ll be okay.

That being said, we do feel that the blog scene thrives on fresh content, but is hurt by wack shit. While up to this point we have let some of these slide, so from this point on, here is what we will not post on HipHopSite.Com:

1. Video Trailers: Wack. Show us the video, not a video of the video. We’ll wait.

2. Tracks From Our Friends: Nepotism is probably the worst problem in hip-hop. It’s been an issue here since day one of HHS, of aspiring artists asking us to put them on, flooding us with emails everyday. While we did give Declaime some early props in ’96, part of it had to do with the fact that Madlib produced his demo tape. That got our attention. Not to say we won’t put new artists on, but 99.9 percent of these rappers ain’t shit, and most of these rappers suck dick. If something good comes along, we’ll let you know.

3. Behind The Scenes @ Video Shoots: Videos of rappers rapping in front of a green screen? No thanks. If something classic, hilarious, or semi-news worthy happens on set, we’ll post. Otherwise, no.

4. Unfinished Music: Granted, sometimes we may do this by accident – it’s going to happen. But nothing has killed this industry more than the irresponsible leaking of tracks and albums by over-excited fans. Artists don’t like when people do this. We like artists. The end.

5. Tagged To Death Tracks: We will make exceptions to this rule from time to time, if it’s from a really big artist (Dr. Dre, etc), or if one of our favorites drops something and we feel you guys just have to hear it. Othewise, DJ Yellalot screaming over a new Hot-Rapper-Of-The-Moment single can wait. Eternally.

6. Any 14 part Video Series: Sorry record label, you’re not going to trick us into posting about your artist every day for two weeks. This is confusing to the viewers and makes today’s frontpage look like yesterday’s frontpage. If something really interesting comes along, we’ll make an exception, and of course, we’ll be happy to post a full-length video at the end.

That’s about it. Just so there’s no misconstruing of our words here, this is not a dis to any other site that posts this type of content, everybody do your thing how you do it. But this is how we do it.

0 Responses to "How We Do."
  • PBS says:

    Pizzo, good to hear that you’re gonna set some rules, but here’s what I don’t get. You’re swearing off posting about wack underground rappers – and I’m with you on that – but why not also swear off covering wack mainstream rappers? You have posts about Diddy and Gucci on your front page, but you would’t cover an underground rapper who rapped as shittily as Gucci and/or Diddy. Why the difference?

    In the late ’90s when the shiny suit era was dominating the airwaves HHS distinguished itself by ignoring that bullshit. I’m not suggesting drawing rigid lines between underground and mainstream like it’s 1997 again. It’s a different era and that shit is tired. But we can still draw lines between wack shit and quality shit. And if you’re drawing that line when it comes to garbage unknown rappers, I don’t see why you’d treat a garbage famous rapper any differently.

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    I hear where you are coming from. But what is wack to you might be gold to someone else, and vice versa. As a DJ, I have two sets of ears. Shit I listen to at home (MF Doom, Nas, Wu-Tang, classic hip-hop, etc) and shit I like to play in the club, which ranges from bouncy southern shit you’ve never heard of to the deepest of Dutch house records. I think at this point it would be irresponsible of HHS to *not* cover buzz worthy artists like Gucci Mane or Yo Gotti because we don’t like them – it ain’t about us. Just as I think it’s kinda wack that mainstream magazines never gave much dap to the indie hip-hop movement of the last ten years. Hip-Hop is bigger than HipHopSite.Com or any other magazine, blog, video show, or media outlet that covers it.

    That being said, the coverage of underground acts won’t cease, but at the same time there’s a fine line between a bubbling underground act and “a friend of mine that raps”.

  • PBS says:

    Pizzo, I think you’re taking me the wrong way. I don’t sit here listening to Doom and old Wu-Tang all day. I doubt there’s much “bouncy southern shit” you’ve heard of that I haven’t. Lately you can find me playing some Pill, some Big KRIT, some Gibbs, some Devin, some Trae, some Ball and G, some Chi shit…and yeah, a bunch of ’90s sounding hip hop shit too. But there’s one thing all those artist have in common – talent.

    I don’t think it’s irresponsible of Hiphopsite to establish itself as a site that covers quality music and doesn’t fuck with wack shit. Fine dining establishments don’t put dollar burgers on their menu just because they’re popular. It was wack when mainstream mags didn’t cover indie shit because at that time they were gatekeepers. If shit wasn’t in the Source, people weren’t gonna find out about it. There weren’t other accessible outlets.

    You don’t have that burden. If people wanna know what Diddy’s up to, it’s not hard to find out. You don’t need to please everyone, and you have no “responsibility” to inform everyone about everything. You can be a niche site like you used to be. That’s what got you here. You don’t have an obligation to cover shit just cause it has a “buzz.” That’s why wack shit keeps getting a buzz in the first place, cause all the tastemakers are too afraid to be the one that refuses to pretend its dope. Why not do your part to put an end to that cycle?

    I don’t think you felt the same obligation to cover Harlem World in ’98 as you apparently feel to cover Gucci now, so I wonder what changed.

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    Don’t take the “southern shit you’ve never heard of” comment as an insult, or anything. What I meant by that is I play a lot of records by up and coming groups like T3 Productions and Lo-Boy because I like the feel, and think they’ll mix good with “Stanky Leg”. I didn’t mean “you” personally, meant the average person in general. But that’s beside the point.

    But see, it’s all objective. I could say T3 Productions has a “talent” for making club tracks while Dev has a talent for making chill shit, and Jay-Z has a talent for making classics. We seriously like little bits of everything.

    Not to say there won’t be objectivity. Read the Gucci Mane album reviews – at the end of the day – that’s where we will deliver critical reviews on stuff. If it’s wack, we’ll definitely let you know in that section.

    We don’t like to do this on single or video reviews because you might feel one way about a song now, and totally different about it in two weeks. The album reviews are done with repeated listens – we really let the shit sink in before we critique.

    Finally, also note the tone of some of the posts. Read the Diddy post – yes, we covered it, but we also made fun of it.

  • PBS says:

    I understand there are different talents and different tastes and different music for different vibes etc. but at some point you can objectively tell whether effort and skill went into something. There’s a line where you and me both know certain shit is just wack. And I don’t see why you need to waste time on that.

    Regardless, I give you credit for also still covering the same shit you always have.

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