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In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Scarface admitted that he wants to use Eminem for beats on his next LP, The Habit, but will not allow him to rap on the tracks. Read On:

DX: Let me ask you about this, since I mentioned Jay’s top five, when you gave your top five dead or alive list to last July you mentioned that, “Eminem sent me a few beats.” Are those beats gonna surface on The Habit?

Scarface: He did! I haven’t talked [in-person] to Eminem since that shit with 50 Cent [in 2003]. There was an album release, [Balls And My Word], that had a song [“Bitch Nigga”] – an album that came out that I was on some kinda way and it had a song that was going after [50 Cent]. Well the song was set up to make it look like I was going after 50. And then it had it set up to where it made it look like Bun was going after 50. When in all honesty I ain’t never met the man, you feel me? I ain’t got no problem with no-muthafuckin’-body.

DX: So did Eminem then just reach out to you, or did you have to like build with him first to squash all that?

Scarface: You know what? I haven’t even reached out to cuzz yet. I need to try to reach out to him. But, I know he going through his own thing.

DX: So he just sent you those beats out the blue, or somebody else sent ‘em to you?

Scarface: Nah, we talked a few times. We talked a few times over the phone. And he sent me some good fuckin’ beats – they somewhere at the house; they somewhere on a hard drive. But I didn’t get a chance to talk to him about it more in-depth.

DX: You gonna have Eminem put some verses to them beats?

Scarface: Hell nah! [Laughs] I’m not fin to go in there fuckin’ with that white boy, man. [Laughs]

DX: You’re not gonna make the “Renegade” mistake.

Scarface: Hell nah! What the fuck you mean, go in there fuckin’ with him, for what? [Laughs] But I guess that’s how I feel about – I guess that’s how a lot of rappers feel about this kid from out here named K-Rino.

DX: I heard you biggin’ him up again on Dopeman Music, on like one of the skits.

Scarface: Yeah like, you just don’t – It’s two people in music that you just don’t fuck with, there are two people in Rap that I just don’t fuck with: I’m not fuckin’ with Eminem, and I’m not fuckin’ with K-Rino. I invited K-Rino to do a verse on my album because a lot of people don’t wanna fuck with him, ‘cause he’s a dangerous muthafucka… I think he really took it light on me too.


DX: [Laughs] Nah, it’s a good thing. Pioneer…the Eminem stuff, man, they’re gonna go crazy.

Scarface: Eminem, you don’t wanna fuck with him. Okay, why would you put Eminem on one of your songs?

DX: [Laughs] Jay learned [after “Renegade”], and then Nas didn’t [put Eminem on the Em-produced “The Cross”], and everybody since hasn’t. [Laughs]

Scarface: Nas did a song with Eminem too?

DX: Yeah, [for] God’s Son, but just the beat, no rappin’. Em just did the beat.

Scarface: Nah, you don’t fuck with Em for no raps… [When] I called the muthafucka I was like, “Hey man, can I get a beat?” [Laughs] “I seen you doing a lot of production, man, can I get a fuckin’ beat?” “And hell nah, I don’t want you rappin’ on my shit.” I listened to Jay-Z’s ["Renegade"] that he did with Eminem and I thought that Jay did pretty good. I thought he did really well. But, I’m not gonna do that good. Like, I’m telling you right now, if me and Eminem ever had to get into it I’m just gonna go fight the muthafucka, ‘cause I’m not gonna try to rap against him… [But seriously], he’s a very, very lyrical kid, man. And I got a great deal of respect for this guy.

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2 Responses to "Scarface Hires Eminem For Album Beats, Won't Let Him Rap."
  • matthew says:

    This dude and Andre 3K are two shining lights in Southern Hip-Hop. The rest are garbage from the South.

  • […] One of the best rappers in history is a white dude. That much is inarguable. If you want to quibble over how many classic LPs he has to his name, be my guest, but only the most stubborn or deaf individuals would claim that Eminem isn’t incredible. When Scarface, another of the all-time greats, was asked if he wanted Eminem to be featured on his songs, he said: […]

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