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On “Ether”, one of Nas’ most ruthless lines aimed at Jay-Z was “Eminem murdered you on your own shit”. Although that was not the first or last time a rapper invited someone to appear on their track, only to be accidentally bodied by his guest artist. We take a look at the 20 best examples of guest artists outshining their hosts. Rules: 1. Guest artist must outshine song’s host. 2. One song per artist on the list. 3. No bootlegs or freestyles.

20. DMX on Mase’s “24 Hrs To Live” - Of course, this is a Mase song. How hard is it to out rap him? Pretty much everyone did, but X came through at the end with crazy energy and one of his most thought provoking verses.

19. Common on De La Soul’s “The Bizness” - Com pretty much solidified his career right here, after building a nice buzz with his first two albums. Even fucking up at the end (“That’s how it’s supposed to be, like…. triple it, aight”), his timeless rhymes outdid that of De La’s. Pardon the remix above.

18. J. Cole on Wale’s “Beautiful Bliss” – We love Wale’s Attention Deficit LP – a solid record all around. Wale probably thought to himself, “Hmm, maybe I’ll let my fellow Roc Nation buddy jump on a track with me. Yeah, “Beautiful Bliss” is a mellow beat, he’ll probably kick some laid back shit…..” Uh, no. Cole proceeded to rip the shit out of a track more tailored for a Blackalicious album, as if he was rhyming next to Jay-Z himself. Cole even goes beyond the allotted 16 bar timeline and goes for 24, when suddenly the engineer turns the music down in shock that the kid is giving blisters to the beat. Yes, he’s next.

17. Pharoahe Monch of Street Smartz “Metal Thingz” – This track dropped in an era where indie rappers got with established artists to help them sell their 12″ vinyl. O.C. set the song up nicely, but then Pharoahe Monch blindsides the rest of the crew by proceeding to write the type of shit to make rappers incite race riots. F.T. does his best to keep up at the end – and does at least hold his own – let’s face it, Pharoahe munched on him.

16. Kool G. Rap on Heavy D’s “Don’t Curse” - On Heavy’s clean rap anthem, he sets the song up by explaining that he, like Will Smith, doesn’t need to swear in his rhymes, so therefore his friends shouldn’t either. G. Rap, known for tracks such as “Fuck U Man” and “Break A Bitch Neck”, jumps on right after and proceeds to find a way to curse anyway, by spelling the word “bitches” and barely letting a “fuck” slide. All done in style, of course. Kane also ripped the shit out of this track.

15. Big Pun on Beatnuts’ “Off The Books” – Oh, there are other dudes on this song? The first Latin rapper already baffled our skulls.

14. Jay-Z on Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock” – Of the 10,000 remixes of this song, Jay ripped Scoop’s beat the hardest, with a verse that took the “I Wanna Rock” concept literally, peddling to the dope fiends. Channeling both Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two” lyrics, as well as Master P’s patented “ugh”, all while shouting out Rae and Ghost. Then Snoop gets on. Near Miss: Jay-Z on M.O.P.’s “Put It In The Air”

13. Lil’ Fame (M.O.P.) on Jay-Z’s “U Don’t Know (Remix) – In Jay’s defense, he already murked the original version of this track, but Lil’ Fame comes in here and rips Just Blaze’s beat to shreds.

12. Bun B on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” – There’s nothing wrong with the way Jay came on this joint, but Bun B came on in verse two and solidified himself as an emcee that New York could fuck with. It was this record that allowed UGK to broaden their fanbase. We wonder if that’s why Jay added extra verses for the video version.

11. Cappadonna on Ghostface’s “Winter Warz” – One of the best Wu-Tang posse cuts ever, captured when the Wu were in their prime. A then unknown emcee named Cappuccino manages to get ahold of the mic and absolutely destroy everyone else on the track with a ridiculous two minute long verse that finds him out of breath at the end of the song. P.L.O. style got thrown out the car.

10. Jadakiss on Gang Starr’s “Right Where You Stand” – Guru’s never been appreciated for being super-lyrical, we all know it was mostly the voice. Maybe Jadakiss should have respected his elders here – but by not doing so, he delivered one of the hardest verses of his career.

9. Andre 3000 on UNK’s “Walk It Out” - Classic. UNK taps Three-Stacks for their remix and he disses their whole style of over-sized white-tees. Near Miss: Andre 3000 on UGK’s “International Players Anthem”.

8. Ludacris on Nas’ “Made U Look (Remix)” – Arguably both Jada and Nas came with it on his “Made U Look” remix, but Luda lets off the loudest buckshots here. Near miss: Ludacris on Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know (Remix)”

7. Redman on EPMD’s “Headbanger” – Watching this video again for probably the first time in 15 years or so, reminds us of how much we miss hardcore hip-hop. EPMD and K-Solo simply warm up the stage for Redman who makes his first major appearance here, and proves why he gotta go last.

6. Kanye West of Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop (Remix)” – “You ain’t finna murder me like everybody else / I’m a rap like I got some type respect for myself….” Hook, aaaaaaand mix out…. Near Miss: Kanye West on Jay-Z’s “Run This Town”.

5. Notorious B.I.G. on Tracey Lee’s “Keep Ya Hands High”: Lots of possibilities on the Biggie front – there’s the “Flava In Ya Ear” remix, but pretty much everyone rapped circles around Craig Mack. Some might argue Big got the better end of Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest”, and some will say Big just won by default on Shaq’s “Can’t Stop The Reign”. But “Keep Your Hands High” is pretty much the rap equivalent of if Tracey Lee and Frank White were to get on opposite ends of a see-saw.

4. Canibus on Lost Boyz – “Beasts From The East” - Freaky Tah knew it was better to stay home that day. But yo, what were the Lost Boyz thinking allowing Redman and Canibus to join them on a track? We know, they were trying to put their little homie A+ in the same space as these “actual” beasts from the east. This of course was in the era when Canibus was in high demand and destroying everything he jumped on, and this was by far his nastiest guest shot. Near Miss: Canibus on The Firm’s “Desperados”.

3. Nas on Main Source – “Live At The BBQ” – Nas opens with perhaps his most quotable (and sampled) verse, which set off his entire career. We love “Breaking Atoms” and all, but damn guys, he broke your balls. Near Miss: Nas on Raekwon’s “Verbal Intercourse”

2. Eminem on 50 Cent’s “Patiently Waiting” - Since “Renegades” can’t be included here, as it’s Nas’ own example, another hard choice is to pick Eminem’s most lethal guest shot. We could say “What’s The Difference” or “Forgot About Dre”, but he wrote Dre’s verses on both. We could say “3hree6ixFive” with Skam, but that was back in the high pitched voice days. We could even go with “Dead Wrong”, but it’s no contest when rhyming next to a deceased rapper. Best one? “Patiently Waiting”. 50 carries this song with his hook, not his verses, and then just as the track seems like it’s about to go on life support, Em comes in and resuscitates it, once again.

1. Busta Rhymes on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” – Granted, we know every word of this song by heart, so everyone else must have been doing something right, but Busta Rhymes proved why he was too big a personality for Leaders Of The New School, with a song ending verse that makes him worthy of just about every posse cut thereafter. Even 18 years later, Busta is still hopping on remixes and murdering everyone. All he does is win. Near Miss: Busta on Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says” Remix.

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67 Responses to "Murdered-You-On-Your-Own-Shit Awards: The 20 Best Show-Stealing Verses (*sticky*)"
  • dan13l says:

    How can you leave Freddie Foxx’s milita verse out. Also, here’s a few verses that were missed too.

    Xzibit – B Please
    Nas – Verbal Intercourse
    Foxy Brown Affirmative Action
    Rakim – Watcher part.2
    Canibus – Desparados
    T.I. – Superstar Remix

  • Apollothemyth says:

    RA The Rugged Man on Jedi Mind Trick’s “Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story” should of made the list.

  • Tyler says:

    Yo,i think the ultimate murder was Luda on Fat Joe’s “get the hell on with that”

  • Bighead says:

    MC Serch on Blak Iz Blak

  • Saan1911 says:

    Ghostface killed Cormega on Tony Montana. Underrated classic, but one of Ghostface’s finest verses:

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