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9 May, 2010@4:43 pm

Well, it seems the #fucksolar movement has taken on a life of it’s own, as recent data suggests Solar’s Twitter has been hacked. Whomever has the info is leaking private emails, financial statements (pretty pathetic ones at that), and photographs from Solar’s computer. It looks like either his laptop was stolen, or somebody chloroform ragged him at home and is having some fun while he is passed out. We’re not going to publish any of the emails here, you can read them yourself by following Solar.

What we found was pretty disturbing. One email shows an excited Solar speaking with another party suggesting that the situation (Guru) has led to interviews with MTV, Hot 97, etc, and has given them enough leverage to finally strike a deal with a major label. Another email shows an unpaid debt to producer Buckwild for $500, and a leaked quarterly royalty statement for 7*Grand records shows payment of under $1000. We’re guessing this is a digital download invoice from a company like Emusic or Rhapsody. There’s also some nice groupie photos that are sure to upset Solar’s wife. This is getting dirty, ya’ll….. Follow “Solar” @Solar_7Grand on twitter.

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0 Responses to "Looks Like Solar's Twitter Has Been Hacked."
  • kase o says:

    Fuck Solar! He didn’t respect Guru in life and he is not respecting Guru in death.

  • Roo says:

    Man, this has been dirty. While I think this process is neccessary to excercise Solar from Guru’s legacy (and hopefully get control the last Guru recordings so they can be reworked by more experienced hands) to ensure it’s future sustainability.

    There is still the matter of Guru allowing all of this mess into his life, apparently Solar is a toxic person. A grown man in this day and age should not let another man run him into the ground. Guru didn’t have to go back to Premier but he could have gone anywhere else (other than with Solar)and succeeded.

    I would have bought his post Gang Starr stuff all day if the beats (Solar) weren’t such a puddle of ho-bo piss and this douche bag wasn’t in the mix. Anyone as gregariousas this dude will kill any curiosity about the projects they were working on together.

    Simply put, you are the company you keep and Solar is that personality type everyone hates dealing with, talking to and hearing speak much less support. We’ve encountered those types before, those who are such overt dicks, assholes, pussies and douches yet they themselves are oblivious to who they are and how they act cause the are such dicks, assholes, pussies and douches.


  • YoHan D. Man (Bay Area, CA) says:

    This dude solar (notice the small case letters) is a F-ing clown and a bad dude. He appears to be a snake and out for his own gain. If what’s being reported is true about denial of health services, fake charity accounts set up, keeping his family out of the loop about illness, he should be brought up on criminal charges. As for the email leaks, there is something stinky about his ass and he should be dealt with. Where is Guru’s real family re this issue. Where’s Primo? Somebody holla…

  • Roo says:

    Agreed, I am suprised at how weak the response from the GSF has been, where are all of these “goons” that they run with?

    Why are they letting some hacker and this dude’s baby mom’s do all the heavy lifting? Why didn’t anyone go see thier dear friend in 6 or 7 years, even if this douche was around? Why was Solar able to strong arm a grown man away from his street and real fam? All these tuff dudes couldn’t just go over to Solar while Guru was still alive and just throw him in a garbage can while they talked to thier friend?

    Solar is the worst that is for sure but it seems that the GSF is a bunch of tuff weak muh fukas as well.

    Man, I ain’t as big as bumpy knucks or m.o.p. but if there was someone in my life that was being steered in the wrong direction from some fruit cake as nigga like Solar, I’d be on thier front porch striaghtening it out.

    Thats just me though…


  • Roo says:

    that last “as” should read “ass”

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