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Shout-out to the Village Voice on this one. Solar is being exposed on the daily now. An excerpt from the story is as follows:

This weekend, someone hacked into Solar’s AOL email account and posted a selection of messages via his also-hacked Twitter account. The anonymous hacker made public emails sent between Solar and various parties, including documents that seem to indicate that Solar is more evil than anyone could have even guessed. The emails appear to show that Solar forced Guru to tour instead of seeking medical help; that he controlled Guru’s access to his own email account and various other web presences; that Solar owed money to multiple parties; and, perhaps most chillingly, that Solar attempted to pimp out unreleased music from Guru after the rapper’s death. SOTC contacted some of the parties named in the messages, and the emails appear to be authentic. Jake Paine, editor-in-chief of the website, confirmed that an email addressed to him from Solar’s PR agency, YO! Promotions, was legitimate. A contact at a Japanese company Solar suggested might be interested in some previously unreleased music also confirmed that the email involving him was accurate. Additionally, the email accredited to Guru in the leaked correspondence ( checks out as the same email he was using back in 2008 to warn journalists ahead of interviews that “all interviews have to involve both myself and Solar as we are a label, a company and a new force in hip-hop.”

Solar Endangered Guru’s Health
An email from an unnamed sender alleges that a doctor told Guru that his condition could be cured within “3 months,” but that Solar went against this advice and “pressed him for the tour.” It goes on to state, “I can’t understand how you let him suffer and then in the end now have him go out with a lack of respect so people know his nails were long and he was ungroomed.” On his radio show tribute, Guru’s former partner DJ Premier reiterated the same point about Guru’s lack of grooming in the hospital. Solar’s response to the email accusations reads as follows: “You do not have a single [sic] Lie that has not been published on the internet by a drug addled individual.”

It’s just a grimy grimy situation ya’ll. Check out the article in it’s entirety and check out the face of evil above. Hint, it’s not Spidey. Also, looks like Solar’s Myspace account was hacked too: Whoops.

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0 Responses to "More Detail From Solar's Hacked Email, Twitter….and now, Myspace."
  • Machiventa says:

    Wow this is too good. I’m all for anything to expose this fake ass “god”. A shame to the human race and 5 percenters.

  • Roo says:

    Amazing he was able to get so far with his maligned intentions latching onto Guru.

    To bad no one from his immediadte circles stepped in…

    Did I mention that is the most frustrating part for me as a bystander in all of this?

    BTW, give The Ownerz another listen (only cause if you are like me you have SITA, DO, HTE and MOT commited to memory)if you hadn’t in a while, Guru was really sharp in thier last release.


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