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Facemob released a statement to Ozone Magazine slamming VH1′s upcoming Dirty South Hip Hop Honors which he plans to not attend. In his statement, Face describes himself as feeling “slighted” and dresses down the award show; describing it as nothing more than a show to throw a bone to southern hiphop artists. An exerpt form Face’s statement is as follows:

I was a part of the Slick Rick and De La Soul and Too $hort and Public Enemy [Hip Hop Honors]. I felt good about being a part of that. I went [to Hip Hop Honors] when they honored Def Jam because I wanted to be a part of that. I felt honored that they would even call me to do it. But this year, I totally disagree with how they’re trying to categorize us. You know how they make us look on TV? Like we live on the front porch with flies and shit flying around us, with our stomachs all big eating watermelon rinds? That ain’t us, man. Don’t fuckin’ make a mockery of us because we come from down here and you have no fuckin’ idea what it looks like. They’re gonna try to put us with some cows and just make us look fucked up, man, like we don’t know what the fuck we doin’ down here. We’re smart, man. Our life is slowed down so we don’t miss nothing. When shit gets moving too fast you miss everything. Shit’s slowed down here so we see it all.

Check out the rest of Scarface’s statement, as he makes a lot valid points.

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0 Responses to "Scarface Speaks Out On VH1 "Dirty South Hip Hop Honors""
  • khordkutta says:

    I did find it odd that they would have a “Dirty South” version. If you love Hip-Hop, IMO, there is no need to regionalize the music.

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