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To drum up some buzz for the eventual release of Detox, Aftermath Records will soon release a new compilation called We Invented The Shelved Album. The album will include never-heard-before tracks from the vaults of Dr. Dre, including music from the Detox recording sessions. The tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. “Perfection (Intro)” – Dr. Dre
2. “It Ain’t Final ‘Til It’s Vinyl” – Joell Ortiz and Eve
3. “Get Your Shit Pushed Back” – Busta Rhymes
4. “Your Ghostwriter’s Ghostwriter’s Ghostwriter” – Dr. Dre, Kurupt, & Hittman
5. “Forget About Dre” – The Last Emperor
6. “The Eventual Next Episode” – Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
7. “Are You Fuckin’ Serious Man?” – King Tee
8. “Bitches Ain’t Shit (Part 2)” – Marsha Ambrosious, Truth Hurts, Brooklyn, Shaunta, Dawn Robinson, & Eve
9. “Fuck You (Dr. Dre)” – Stat Quo
10. “Not Now, I’m Playing Call of Duty” – Dr. Dre feat. Ice T
11. “Oh Hell No” – Rakim
12. “How Can I Be Down” – The Game
13. “Turn Me Up In The Beats-By-Dre Headphones” – G.A.G.E.
14. “One Day, Possibly” – Focus
15. “Patiently Waiting Part 2″ – Hands-On feat. Who’z Who
16. “Aftermath Forever” by Hittman & Bishop Lamont
17. “I Was Just Fuckin’ With Ya’ll”- Dr. Dre (Outro)

The album is currently slated for a June 15th release, to prepare for a holiday release of Detox. Dr. Dre spoke to MTV and gave the following statement.

“I feel like the only way I can release Detox is if I close the book on some of these albums that never came out. That’s what We Invented The Shelved Album is for,” said Dre. “Realistically, the only way I can see Detox being ready for release is if I get this off my chest first. Mark my words, you will see this album on store shelves the 15th of June and Detox on Christmas.”

UPDATE: We Invented The Shelved Album has been shelved indefinitely.

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0 Responses to "Aftermath Records To Release "We Invented The Shelved Album" Compilation (*sticky*)"
  • i'm at work and bored says:

    ummm.. i’m stil waiting for Dre + Ice Cube healtah skeltah album.

    Dre is a joke. He’s the new Axel Rose.

  • bruss says:

    so many fucking haters todays, rap bull shit is all the same. i doont give a fuck how much money you got or the cars you push, or the bitches you fuck and how much money you got!!!!!!!!! you can only rap abouot that shit so many times before it gets worn out. Gucci wayne drake rick ross nicki minaj all the songs are same thing but worded diff cmon man yall just mad he is making money w a white boy lol lmfao

  • bruss says:

    plus the man is a fucking genius he knows what he is doing if it was not for dre yall would still be on that master p shit


  • Dre you are legend,you made hits from NWA when police thought that that was a military coup in America.These fake(Young Money,Rick Ross)rappers are the duplicates of the life of true husslers.West Coast!

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