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Shoutout to steadybloggin on this one. From the files of “stop playin”, our favorite metal faced emcee has apparently teamed up with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.As the story goes:Baron Cohen was on the west coast in 2006,promoting Borat, and met Doom randomly.From there,the pair began a working relationship and dubbed themselves “MF Borat”.As further described on the site:

After finding some mutual interests, the two got together for an impromptu recording session, during which DOOM rapped a pre-existing verse over a beat Cohen had made in 2005 with Khazak producer Kulki Boolchek. Later in the year, the two got together once again, and Doom unloaded a couple more verses onto three more of Cohen’s beats, making for a four-song EP.

Just when you think Doom can’t surprise you anymore, he throws a curveball.Download link is below.

MF Borat – The Mask and the Moustache EP”

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8 Responses to "MF Borat (aka Sacha Baron Cohen and MF Doom) – “The Mask and the Moustache EP”"
  • Machiventa says:

    @Wubrotha#1 – so I went and listened to this and I remember not liking it back a few years ago… but I’m thinking these are all redone because he obviously didn’t have access to the Gazillion Ear acappella back in 2006… anyway this is actually pretty decent so I take back the wack comment BUT…

    these are all previously released acappellas, trust me I’m a huge DOOM fan, I’m also the moderator of the DOOM forum here on HHS – come join us! It’s a little slow right now because HHS was having server problems and was down for months.

  • Dan says:

    Are you cats Icelandic or Retarded? Its Spelled Mustache not Moustache. Any you really think Sacha knows his way around a beat? You ever stop to think MOUStache as in MOUSE as in Danger Mouse? There last Album was called The Mouse and the Mask. The Mask and Moustache is not to far off. I’m going with danger mouse mixing old doom tracks. That’s what this is.

  • Dan is wrong says:

    These are fan remixes. How could anyone believe that this is a DOOM/Borat collaboration? Sacha Baron Cohen was not involved in this. MF DOOM was not involved in this (the recordings are just old acapellas). And I highly doubt Danger Mouse was involved in this; for starters, “moustache” is a common alternative spelling for “mustache” (in fact, my Firefox spellchecker thinks “moustache” is the correct spelling) and although the title is clearly a pun referencing “The Mouse and the Mask”, that doesn’t point to evidence that Danger Mouse was involved in this at all. It’s simply a reference made by a fan to a previous and legitimate DOOM release.

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