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Shoutout to steadybloggin on this one. From the files of “stop playin”, our favorite metal faced emcee has apparently teamed up with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.As the story goes:Baron Cohen was on the west coast in 2006,promoting Borat, and met Doom randomly.From there,the pair began a working relationship and dubbed themselves “MF Borat”.As further described on the site:

After finding some mutual interests, the two got together for an impromptu recording session, during which DOOM rapped a pre-existing verse over a beat Cohen had made in 2005 with Khazak producer Kulki Boolchek. Later in the year, the two got together once again, and Doom unloaded a couple more verses onto three more of Cohen’s beats, making for a four-song EP.

Just when you think Doom can’t surprise you anymore, he throws a curveball.Download link is below.

MF Borat – The Mask and the Moustache EP”

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8 Responses to "MF Borat (aka Sacha Baron Cohen and MF Doom) – “The Mask and the Moustache EP”"
  • Tonytone says:

    For real?? Wow…I have great respect for both’s talents, but I really doubt Sasha’s beats will be all that good. Then again, some of my idiot friends say some of Madlibs beats soun like they were made on a Casio keyboard. (I am 100% on the opposite side of that BTW. Madlib is a fuckin GENIUS!!) Alot of naive and biased commercial AKA “RapPop” friends say that DOOM sucks. Thats before they even attempt to soak in what he’s spittin! Ive switched one of my boys into a fan after I played him “The Drop” off that Viktor Vaughn LP. Anyways, I hope there’s one good banger on here

  • Wubrotha#1 says:

    Good looking out HHS! This should be interesting…I rock anything Doom spits on. Once again thanx for keepin it 200!!!

  • i'm work and bored says:

    MF Douche is wack. What was his only hit? The Gas Face and that wasn’t even his song. This guy sends fakes to his shows and he still has fans?

    Hi, Im a fat lazy turd who wears Gladiator mask and rhyme about comic books. Even though my songs have no structure, no hooks and I don’t even rhyme on beat, people think I’m a genius because I wear a mask and drop rhymes like dime.

  • Machiventa says:

    ^ lol

    This Borat thing is mad old… like 2-3 yrs old. Oh and it’s wack as fuck… there’s no actual collaboration, they’re using Doom acappellas that were already released, and I seriously doubt Sacha was even involved with this.

  • Wubrotha#1 says:

    I finally sat my ass down and listened to this…This shit is heavy. As for the comment above, I don’t know because there was only 2 joints with recycled rhymes. But c’mon you fuckn haters, how are you going to say this shit is wack??? Did you hear how Borat re-did the “Roc Boys” beat? That was fucking ridiculous…And if you think “The Gas Face” which wasn’t his personal joint was his only golden gem, then you need to log off this website, go to or however it’s spelled and jack off your tight jeans and purple hoodies…This shit is crack…best 4 song ep ever! Thank you once again HHS!!!

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