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We’re down with pretending Benzino’s crew never existed if it means a dope new Wu-Tang posse cut.

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LISTEN: Mathematics – “Made Men” (Feat. Raekwon, Eyes Low, Bad Luck, Cappadonna, Method Man)

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7 Responses to "Mathematics – "Made Men" (Feat. Raekwon, Eyes Low, Bad Luck, Cappadonna, Method Man)"
  • Wubrotha#1 says:

    Okay…okay…I’mma take a breather…Mathematics has not come through since circa 2001 with the beats. I love Wu, and have always looked upto the Wu-Elements. But correct me if I’m wrong, something happened and everyone fell off. 4th Disciple had those EP’s and stuff, but has never topped anything close to the production that he blessed Killarmy with. Mathematics just straight went weak…I copped Return of the Wu (which had a recyled beat or two, Wutang Clan & friends Unreleased (which had recyled beats too)and one other that I can’t think off the top of my head. My point being: his compilations recyle older rhymes over mediocore beats, recyled beats over classics that are “promised to be unrealsed material” etc etc. Remember when the Wu elements were a threat? Now it’s like Cilvaringz and Bronze Nazareth holding down the beats, but still, Math in his prime would be ice skating over them. But that Math is no more…

  • khordkutta says:

    What about True Master, dude aint never come weak, I was hoping to cop that Master Craftsman ish he dropped last year, but it was on some international only release or just didnt drop.

  • penman says:

    2nd emcee says “Been around the world like Lisa Stansbury (serious)”, that’s not her last name. Then he rhymes off this false name. Horrid. Wu has graduated beyond the realm of a dirty loop so to speak and throwing a bunch of heads on it. If you’re gonna do that at least do a drop before they come in and during their shit and have them be better then crap.

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Surely someone else in the room has heard of Lisa Stansfield. He could have even said “Been around the world like Puff and Biggie” and it would have worked slightly better than butchering her name.

  • LDL says:

    This is ill…y’all niggas are ghey…Drake has a new album coming out, that’s for y’all…

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