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In a story broken by Gawker.Com, eagle-eyed, nostalgic YouTube watchers repeatedly viewed the video for Tag Team’s “Whoomp There It Is, upside down and inside out, and have discovered that Barack Obama was allegedly in the video. See the 1:01 minute mark, for the leader of the free world, politickin’ on his celly.

Chalk this up with other Obama conspiracy theories which suggest he is a Nazi-Muslim-Socialist-Freedom-Hating-Vote-Rigging-Private-Army-Having-Terrorist that was not born in the United States and has a deep seeded hatred for white people.

We’re not saying Barack Obama was an extra in the Tag Team video, we just fear that he might be. We’re just asking questions.

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1 Responses to "The Innanet Suggests Obama Was In "Whoomp There It Is" Video"
  • i'm at work and bored says:

    Obama is not a “Nazi-Muslim-Socialist-Freedom-Hating-Vote-Rigging-Private-Army-Having-Terrorist that was not born in the United States and has a deep seeded hatred for white people.”

    No, he’s just another puppet the elite has selected so morons such as yourself can worship, juggle his nuts and change the world by chanting “Chaaaange” or “Yes we Caaaannn” like the mindless brainwashed zombie sheep followers that you are.

    Get it now Pizzo?

    And that does look alike Jesus Obama in this video (ahahahaha) and i would really like someone to explain to me why prophet Obama got a Nobel Peace prize.

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