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The long hot summer kicks off this week with a PACKED release date, overloaded with big releases in both the underground and mainstream. This is your guide to all of the special offers and deluxe editions for each of today’s album releases. Unfortunately, there are no special offers or bonus track editions for Chali 2na The Fishmarket 2 or M.F. Grimm You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel at this time. If that changes, we will let you know.

Rhymefest – El Che - Fest’s long overdue magnum opus is finally here, with one of the freshest promotional offers we’ve seen in a long time, courtesy of Dangerous Negro. While they were offering the “Revolutionary Package”, which is now sold out, what’s still left is the extra fresh “Red Tape” and “Clear Prison Tape” offers. Basically, you can order the album on a limited edition red or transparent cassette tape and get an instant digital download of the album when you place your order. Nobody can fuck with this. Verdict: Dangerous Negro

Lil’ Jon – Crunk Rock – Nobody really has any special editions or free bonus items when you purchase Jon’s Crunk Rock, however the label has offered regular and deluxe editions of the album, both available everywhere. The deluxe edition comes with a hefty price tag, so go with Amazon to get the most “WHUT!” for your buck: $14.99 for deluxe CD, $11.99 deluxe digital. Verdict: Amazon

Plies – Goon Affiliated – If you’re going to grab a physical CD of Plies’ Goon Affiliated, do what Plies would want you to do, and put on a ski-mask and steal it from any local corporate entity. You can do that digitally too, but without the ski-mask. If you want to play by the rules, head to either Amazon or Itunes, both of whom are offering deluxe digital 19 track editions of the album – that’s four extra songs not included on the disc based versions. Itunes is charging three dollars more than Amazon, but justifies this by including two digital videos. But we say fuck the videos – there’s YouTube. Verdict: Amazon

Travie McCoy – Lazarus – The Gym Class Heroes frontman serves up a handful of offers for his solo debut, Lazarus, with pretty much all of them good. Itunes has a deluxe edition of the album for $11.99, which includes two bonus tracks, “Ms. Tattoo Girl” and “She Did It”, as well as the video for “Billionaire”. Target – whom is usually in bed with Itunes on these types of things – has a $12.98 Deluxe Edition CD/DVD of the album, including an exclusive documentary. We’re guessing this includes the bonus tracks as well. Meanwhile, Fueled By Ramen serves up the standalone CD – no bonus tracks – but offers a $24.00 package with T-Shirt in any size. Verdict: Three-Way-Tie

Reef The Lost Cauze vs. Guns-N-Butter – Fight Music You can order Reef’s latest direct from his label, Enemy Soil Records, in a special deluxe T-Shirt package, along with a free poster and sticker for $24.98. This deal is slated to end today, but is still available at “press” time. Verdict: Enemy Soil

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2 Responses to "Where Are The Best Deals On Rhymefest, Lil' Jon, Plies, Travie McCoy, & Reef The Lost Cauze Today?"
  • High School Gangsta Blog Commenter says:

    Just copped El Che from dangerousNEGRO…. THANKS!

  • High School Gangsta Blog Commenter says:

    Just copped El Che from dangerousNEGRO…. I’m 15 and Fest’s first album came out when I was 9. It was my first album. Heard this one is better tho. THANKS!

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