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Okay. The “swag” movement needs to die. Now. This terrible term has been used in hip-hop for years now and at this point needs to be straight murked. Frankly, M.I.A. needs to take the blame for this.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Self? Why is this dude bringing this up now? Doesn’t he know that swag is the 5th element of hip-hop?” Well, for those of you asking yourselves that question 1.) Stop talking to yourselves and 2.) You obviously haven’t heard the newest piece of shit single track from Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em; the terrible “Pretty Boy Swag”. Now, frankly we’re not shocked that the song is awful. That’s a given. We’re more surprised that people are still using “swag” in songs. Didn’t that shit end already? Apparently not.

Swag has been everywhere in hip-hop during the last few years.We’ve had “Swagga Like Us”, “My Swag”, “Turn My Swag On”, “Playboy Swag” and of course the classic “Swag ‘N’ Surf”. Hip-hop icon (?) Yung Joc just started his own label in Swagg Team Entertainment (the extra g is for gangsta). But “swag”/”swagger” really jumped the shark when the mainstream caught on. What’s lamer than hearing a baseball coach talking about his team “needing to get their swagger back” or a newspaper talking about a hockey team finding their swag. Right. Nothing.

So hip- hop fans out there, I implore you, stop the swag movement now. Before we get more of this:

You’ve been warned.

7 Responses to "Turn Your Swag Off."
  • caitlyn says:

    well my gma saying bling hahaha i b rollin if she said tht but some gmas can b kool my gma gets her nails done an she got her top cartlage pierced an she bout to get a tatt an nose piercing llol she is 60 i thnk its time 4 her to setle dwn llol

  • James says:

    The word Swagger is older than you think if you think it came from hip hop. Watch old movies from as far back as the 40′s and you will find it’s use. Perhaps overused but when a coach says he wants to get his swagger back it is not pop culture.

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