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I didn’t realize the profound impact Michael Jackson had on me or in shaping my musical tastes until he died. Well, that’s not completely true. One year before he died, I certainly recognized his impact, retro-reviewing Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition for this very website, awarding it the @@@@@ rating that it deserves (despite a questionable Fergie remix). Yeah, this is HipHopSite, but nobody can tell me Thriller isn’t a perfect album.

When he died, I was shocked, but somehow unsurprised. It just seemed like the natural progression of things given his circus lifestyle, that he would die early in some strange way, like so many legendary figures before him. Prior to his death, we had forgotten how brilliant he was and instead were fixated on the controversies surrounding him (child molestation allegations, hanging baby out the window, etc).

I had to spin at TRYST that night. I was in a low mood, but I was scrambling to put something together to honor MJ and only had a few hours to do so. I wanted to do something different – I didn’t want it to be the same old thing with all of the songs in their original versions, so I used a lot of my favorite remixes and club versions. As I was putting the mix together, tears were coming from my eyes. The music was effecting me differently than it ever had – these weren’t just tears of sadness, but also of joy. Michael was finally free and his legacy could no longer be tainted. People would remember him for his brilliance instead of anything else. I hope this mix does him justice. Rest In Power, Michael Jackson.

DJ Pizzo – “Michael Jackson Tribute Mix”

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1 Responses to "DJ Pizzo – Michael Jackson Tribute Mix (MP3) (*sticky*)"
  • gub says:

    nice write-up pizzo … imma check this shit …

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