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If there’s one thing that hip-hop fans appreciate,it’s consistency.In a music landscape where artists continually have to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and therefore – paid – consistency is rare.But in the case of emcee El Da Sensei, fans always know what to expect.Autotune? Nope.Synthesized beats? Nope.How about rhymes about blowing money fast?Nah son.The basic formula is amazing samples, neck snapping boom bap beats and and face scrunching lyrics.But does the new LP Global Takeover 2:Nu World feature a new El Da Sensei?

Hell no.

Global Takeover 2:Nu World finds El teaming with the Polish hip-hop team of Dj Chwial & Little, aka The Returners. With this being their third release together, the group appears to be on a mission to take it back to the essence. The result is dope, no filler album whose goal is to bring raw uncut boom-bap era hip-hop. With appearances from Treach, Doujah Raze, Sean Price, Rakaa, Akrobatik and Tiye Phoenix, the LP pulls no punches.

Without question,the strength of GT2 lies in it’s production. DJ Chwial & Little provide a fantastic backdrop with the beats and scratches featured on the album. Their contributions make every song full and and thus the trio sounds like a well oiled machine. The formula is displayed on the intro track “We R Back”, both with the track’s blaring horns and DJ Chiwials skintight scratches. The subsequent “Goin’ To War” is also strong, but finds an out of place Treach attempting to keep up with El. Unfortunately, he can’t. Doujah Raze and Sean Price show how it’s done on the dope “Everyday On The Street”, teaming up with El and showing how a collabo should work. Other tracks of note are include: the title track “Nu World”, “2 The Death”, “Pain”, “Toxic Words” feat. Reks and John Robinson and “Live Noize” feat Akrobatik. The standout “Knowledge Be The Key” features a rejuvenated Rakaa Iriscience spitting over a  haunting piano and results in a true banger.

Fans of this kind of hip-hop will not find too many weaknesses on “Global Takeover 2:Nu World”. Tracks such as “Good Time”, “Right Moves”, “They Don’t Know” and “Can’t See” are all strong, beatwise and emcee wise. Overall, “Global Takeover 2:Nu World” does what it’s supposed to do. Bang. The album is not perfect and does not break new ground. But to it’s core it’s a flat out hip-hop album for people that appreciate the style. It’s pretty simple,you’ll either love it or hate it. If you are a fan of straight up, boom bap, battle style hip-hop, “Global Takeover 2:Nu World” is for you. If not, well, sorry.

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2 Responses to "El Da Sensei & The Returners – "Global Takeover 2:Nu World" @@@@ (Review)"
  • Sounds like my kind of album. I will be copping this.

  • Dope album! Another one classic stuff from The Returners.

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