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15 July, 2010@1:55 am

HHS: Some people might say welcome back but you’ve been staying busy on the scene. From the EP late last year, to the remixes and videos you’ve done, your presence is everywhere. Now that the album, From The Black Pool Of Genius, is finally here, how are you feeling?

Dres: I’m really proud…a deep sense of achievement. I’ve worked very hard on this project and it represents a totally independent venture of creative minds. In addition to the hard work of myself and team…I was very fortunate to have a Great Mind in my corner…my manager Tamara Gardellis.

HHS: How do things compare between being on a major and an independent label? You come from an era where labels put out 3 or 4 singles with videos!

Dres: Well…it’s quite different to be honest…but liberating all the same. The major labels route is more like a very high interest loan…whereas, indie, you’re trying to be much more smart as opposed to throwing money at a problem or manipulating the media in your palms. I’m very glad to be on this side of the fence…it’s a time where the playing field is much more leveled and I’ve done enough homework to take advantage of the terrain.

HHS: You’re recording under “Black Sheep” now but you and Mista Lawnge parted ways around the time of 8WM/Novakane, correct?

Dres: Yes it is…during 8wm/Novakane, Lawnge decided to do his own thing and parted to record a solo album. I could do nothing but wish him well and move forward.

HHS: “Birds Of A Feather”, off the new album, is pretty incredible – not only because of having Q-Tip, Dave from De La & Mike G from The Jungle Brothers on there with you, but I think it’s a great example of brotherhood. How was it recording that particular record?

Dres: It was a long time coming pleasure. I’m an extreme advocate of us getting back together…if only a month or two out of the year…and touring…making music. We represent so much…at times, I think, more than we realize…it was an honor and a pleasure to mend that particular song together…wasn’t simple.

HHS: Was the plan from the beginning to release the From The Black Pool Of Genius EP first and follow it up with the album? It’s a really cool idea, giving people of taste of things to come.

Dres: Yes, it was…once again…to reiterate the strength of a good team and devoted management. We were able to put schematics together to follow on our road to a successful venture.

HHS: Next year will mark the 20th Anniversary of A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. Are there plans to celebrate that classic in 2011 with a re-release or shows where you would perform the album in its entirety?

Dres: I would like to see Lawnge and I do a tour to celebrate this monumental anniversary…to perform the album in its entirety would truly be a joy!!

HHS: From The Black Pool Of Genius is much needed and welcomed. Thank you for all the years of great music and many more to come. Thanks for taking the time Dres.

Dres: Thank you…word up…and thank you to the Hip Hop community. You are truly appreciated.

The new album “From The Black Pool Of Genius” is available now:

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3 Responses to "Dres The Black Sheep Interview"
  • Marv says:

    That first Sheep cd is classic, solid through & through, too bad the only song most people know is choice is yours. Remember feelin’ the first single of their 2nd, but never checked that album out.

  • khordkutta says:

    off the top, “Strobelite Honey”, “For Doze Dat Slept” dang i need to put that CD back in

  • KC says:

    I have a little mental list of “Albums That Need To Be Remastered NOW”, and Black Sheep is right near the top of it. But, in keeping with the spirit of this interview, I really like this new one. Definitely surprised me…

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