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For those of us not keeping up with the actual news lately, there’s a big debate about the construction of a mosque (which is essentially a religious center for Muslims) near Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center fell on 9-11. The Tea Party and other protesters believe it should not go there because it’s insulting to the victims of 9-11, while Fox News is helping perpetuate the myth that we are going to have a scary terrorist breeding ground in the heart of New York City (which if that were the case, we’d know right where to find them. AND KILL THEM.) The problem with all of this is that the protesters are forgetting that this country has a thing called “freedom of religion”, which they seem to only respect when it’s in favor of their own faith. Like “In God We Trust” printed on U.S. currency, for example.

Russell Simmons took note of this and placed a series of religious symbols in his office windows, which overlook Ground Zero, suggesting that we should be respectful of one another, despite our differing theologies. Can’t we all just get along?

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6 Responses to "Russell Simmons Defends Ground Zero Mosque With Interfaith Symbols In His Window"
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