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Black Rob looks absolutely thrilled to be invited to the G-Unit offices to have a Diddy Pity Party. In the immortal words of Joey Lawrence, “whoa.”

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4 Responses to "Here Is A 9 Minute Video Of Black Rob Talking Shit About Bad Boy. (Video)"
  • i'm at work and bored says:

    ahahahaha. and just few weeks ago, he was saying nothing but nice about Puff. what happen Black Rob?

    i can’t stand Puff but I can’t stand all these Bad Boy artists even more. Puffy took u from the gutter and make all these losers into stars and all they do is complain.

    If u so hot and Puff is cheating u, why u fuckers keep signing his contract? Either make it on your own or shut the fuck up

    muthafuckaz sign the shit and act all surprised when Diddy shows up to your video set, dannnncin!

    Like, are u serious? Duhhhhhhhhhhh

  • i'm at work and bored says:

    Puff gave him a “Big Check” and gave him a job and kept him working, even released 2 albums and he still not happy? ahahahaha holy shit.

    these rappers they think they so special and shit. Go get a job

  • Nene Wallace reed says:

    The mcdonalds fries line is priceless.

  • i'm at work and bored says:

    UPDATE: Black Rob claims that this was filmed 2 months ago when he was feeling “Emotional” and since then Diddy got him a deal with Atlantic Records and that he “LOVES PUFFY”

    ahahahahaha, check it out

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