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9 September, 2010@5:37 pm

Bay Area rap outfit, The Pack, return with their second full length LP, Wolfpack Party, following their 2007 LP Based Boys, which expanded on their debut EP, Skateboards 2 Scrapers. It’s been four years since their debut hit single, “Vans”, and The Pack has gained more publicity for the antics of Lil’ B than any song they’ve recorded for this album, which opened with a paltry 843 copies sold in it’s first week.

While The Pack’s debut EP was a bit of a guilty pleasure, like Based Boys before this, Wolfpack Party shows how a little bit of The Pack goes a long way. They’ve matured into full scale douchebags with this album, obnoxiously spitting sex rhymes through just about the entire album, with little creativity or subtly. Case in point is the line, “S-S-S-S bitch give me sex” on “Titties”, for instance, which is actually a recycled line from the last album’s “Oh Go”. Hmm, is “terrible” too strong of a word to use here?

Most of the album is spent in this territory, but few times they do try to change things up a bit; you know, to not seem one dimensional. The title track, “Wolfpack Party”, finds them embarrassingly attempting to cash in on the recent hip-house revival, clearly having no understanding of the current sound, with a track more akin to Alice Deejay’s 1998 hit “Better Off Alone” than anything heard in the club right now. The other curveball here is “Superman”, a lone track produced by DecadeZ, which finds them going for a softer pop sound, with somewhat better results than much of the rest of the record.

Producer Young L handles much of the LP, clearly being the strongest thing The Pack has to offer. Like their previous works, L’s production carries things along, but is shamefully undone by the Pack emcees as they struggle through each verse, many times extending the songs into long four verse epics so that each member can spit. Unfortunately, L’s talent as a producer is eclipsed by the crew’s offensively bad rhymes. Beats like “Red Light” and “Drunk Off Money” could have easily demanded top dollar from guys like T.I. or Rick Ross.

All in all, with Lil B having his share of internet publicity, Young L easily outshining the rest of the group as a producer, and the poor sales response for this album’s first week, The Pack may be better off spitting up and pursuing their own goals. Because let’s face it, this party sucks.

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2 Responses to "The Pack – “Wolfpack Party” – @@ (Review)"
  • Hip hop man says:

    Thanks for the update man. I am sure this will be a hit. if you like that then you’ll really like this

  • RM 3K says:

    Hip Hop Man:

    Yeah, they liked it so much they gave it two whopping @’s. You’d be lucky to get a 1/2@.

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