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15 September, 2010@1:29 am

In a recent interview with XXL, Black Thought spoke on the fate of his long-awaited solo album and collborative LP with Danger Mouse.

Any word on your long-awaited solo album?

I’ve been working on the solo record at different points of my career. And for whatever reason Def Jam wasn’t on board for what we were trying to do with that project. So it’s kind of been put on hold, and instead of being a full length Black Thought solo, it’s gonna be more of an EP. It’s gonna be short probably. Instead of 10, 12, 14 songs, it’ll probably be closer to six. I don’t have a working title yet, and I don’t know who’s gonna be on it yet but you can expect the bar to be at the same place that it’s always been.

So it’s not called Masterpiece Theater anymore?

Years ago I was working on Masterpiece Theater but then at the same time En Vogue had come out with an album of the same title. I don’t know how many people remember En Vogue’s Masterpiece Theater but my Masterpiece Theater project was actually supposed to be a specific collection of songs—many of which ended up being used. A lot of my Masterpiece Theater songs ended up on Phrenology. That’s the album that we were working on when I was also doing my solo stuff.

Which of those tracks were originally for Masterpiece Theater?

Songs like “Water,” “Pussy Galore,” “Rock You.” The list goes on… there was just a lot of stuff that I recorded for that project and then in the end, in the ninth inning, I took it and made them into contributions for the Phrenology album. So I don’t know if I’ll ever have another Masterpiece Theater because the title was for a very specific group of songs that have already been used.

But you’re also working on another project with Danger Mouse, right?

Yup. It’s going really well. It’s a pet project we’re been doing together in our spare time, which there’s never really much for, you know? He’s constantly working, recording, and touring and so am I but when there is time for a meeting of the minds, we’ve been putting together this album. We have at least eight bangers… We’ve played the music for a few people and they really like it. But it doesn’t feel like it’s close to completion. It’s still very much a work in progress, but for that, we have the working title of Dangerous Thoughts.

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1 Responses to "Black Thought Speaks On Solo Projects"
  • WuBrotha#1 says:

    Hey, how about you drop that “Dangerous Thoughts” album with Danger Mouse? That’s right, I said it…I am not letting this one go by mo fo’s …So everything is so adorable? Fuck that…Make it happen, we appreciate your skills Thought! But whats up??? In the words of Eric Cartmen, ” I just shitted on your desk…What’s up???” hmmm…speaking of which in another different context…What is Method Man doing right now???

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