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20 October, 2010@7:13 am
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US Weekly broke the story this morning that Jay-Z and Beyonce are pregnant with their first child together, according to sources.

“B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet,” a source told US. “She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again.”

Another insider told the magazine that she realizes that “this is a gift from God and she’s so happy.”

Will the baby be signed to Roc Nation? Will it be called Jay-B? More news at 11.

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5 Responses to "Jay-Z & Beyonce Are Pregnant, Reports US Weekly"
  • d-bo says:

    Jay, get yo hands off ma bitch ‘fore I smack da shit outcha.

  • Robert says:

    ooooooooooooooooh my God jay-z u are the man”big papa”

  • K- Swag says:

    damnnn , cant believe that , its been a while.. i thought they were never gone have a baby , but i guess they finally made it to be 2 parents ! good luckk : )

  • Jessie-J says:

    She like had a miscarrige um sorry for breaking the news but she did.Or did she? its what my mom said i don’t really know.

  • candy says:

    sevelynce Jaseyre carter-GIRL

    Lamereion jonyce carter -BOY
    i love to name babies

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